#128: Roundtable – How Much Are Musicians Paid to Play? Part 2

Selling music at showsThinking about touring Canada anytime soon? Think again. Canada’s new exorbitant performance fees make it nearly impossible for non-Canadian independent acts to play there. iTunes radio is alive and may not turn out to be the Pandora killer that some assumed it would be.

We asked our listeners “How much money do you pull in at a gig?” The answers might surprise you. Tune in to hear how artists just like you are ‘bringing home the vegi-bacon’ in this action-packed episode of the Do-it-Yourself–Because-You-Love-it Musician Podcast.

#127: Roundtable – The Pandora Problem

Pandora Radio royalty debatePandora is one of the most popular internet radio apps available. Loved and listened to by millions, Pandora is also at the center of a heated debate about music streaming royalties. Pandora argues they are unfairly forced to pay royalties way above what terrestrial radio pays, while artist rights organizations believe artists and labels deserve every penny. Join the podcasters as they explore this sticky issue and offer their own insights. What are your thoughts on The Pandora Problem? Let us know in the comments below or give us a ring and leave a message 360.524.2209.


Mentioned in this show:

My Song Got Played On Pandora 1 Million Times and All I Got Was $16.89

Pandora Paid Over $1,300 for 1 Million Plays, Not $16.89

IK Multimedia’s iRig


#126: Dmitri Vietze – Selling Your Story to The Press

member_72047872Dmitri Vietze is 14 year PR veteran and founder of StoryAmp, a platform for connecting music providers and journalists.  In this exclusive interview, Dmitri tells how artists can approach the press, get their music heard, and the holy grail: get written about in local or national press. Dmitri emphasizes how important developing unique artist stories is for good PR. He explains how we all have important artist stories. We just need to discover and formulate them in a way that the press can draw from. You won’t want to miss the vital artist info in this podcast. Listen!

Also check out Dmitri’s free “Publicity Hacks” Guide packed with PR tips for Musicians.

#125: Roundtable – How Much Are Musicians Paid to Play?

live-musicIn the news: Pandora’s controversial tactics to reduce what they pay artists. Japan is poised to take the lead as world’s biggest music seller. And Amazon releases its first “Cities That Rock List” a compilation of US cities that sell the most music.

In this episode we asked CD Baby musicians how much they get paid when they gig. Find out what what your fellow musicians are getting paid and get tips on how to make more money from your gigs and choose gigs that pay more than others. If you’re looking to make more than just drink tickets at your next gig, this episode is for you.

Let us know how much you get paid or ask us a question we can answer on the show.

Email us at podcast at cdbabypodcast.com, or call our listener line at 360-524-2209

#124: Brian Thompson – Get Your Music Heard

brian thompson thorny bleederThis week on the DIY Musician podcast, Brian Thompson (also known online as Thorny Bleeder) joins us to talk about online music promotion and how the music business has changed over the course of his career. Brian started his own record label (Thorny Bleeder Records) in 2006 along with Jonathan Hetherington, and Greg Bradley (founders of Art Of Dying). As the company evolved it went from a label  to an artist consultancy and Brian became a sought after social media guru, blogger, podcaster, and artist advocate. Listen, learn, and find out why Brian goes by “Thorny Bleeder” in the first place.

Have a question or comment for the show? Email us at podcast at cdbabypodcast.com, or call our listener line at 360-524-2209

#123: Roundtable – The Music Industry is About to Change

streaming musicIn the news: Public performance royalties; Twitter launches Twitter Music; Google launches Google Play ALL Access; Apple is on the verge of announcing the rumored “iRadio” streaming service, and more! Plus, the podcasters talk streaming revenues, streaming services, streaming promotion, and other challenges and benefits that will affect artists in the new ‘stream-what-you-want’ music landscape.

Have a question or comment for the show? Email us at podcast at cdbabypodcast.com, or call our listener line at 360-524-2209

#122: Steve Rennie – An Artist Manager’s Story

Steve Rennie Artist ManagerSteve Rennie is a long time industry veteran who helped the band Incubus reach multi-platinum status. Now that Incubus is on hiatus, Steve is working to help independent artists learn about the biz with his website and video series at http://www.renmanmb.com. Learn about the artist management from the inside-out and take advantage of the insights from an artist manager that loves offering advice to independent artists.

Have a question or comment for the show? Email us at podcast@cdbabypodcast.com, or call our listener line at 360-524-2209

#121: Justin Kalifowitz – All About CD Baby Pro

CD Baby Pro - The PodcastMusic publishing is arguably the most confusing (and important) aspect of the music business. What kinds of royalties are you owed as a songwriter? Which royalties do performing rights organizations like ASCAP and BMI collect for you? Why is it so hard for independent artists to collect some of the money they’re owed? In this episode of CD Baby’s DIY Musician Podcast, we talk with publishing expert Justin Kalifowitz (SongTrust) and get the answers to all these questions and more — plus, we’ll discuss how CD Baby Pro solves many of these problems for artists with one simple solution.

Have a question or comment for the show? Email us at podcast@cdbabypodcast.com, or call our listener line at 360-524-2209

#120: Roundtable – Are You Ready To Go Viral?

Are you ready to go viral?Rumors of the DIY Podcast’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Mark Twain, on the other hand, is quite dead. In this episode of the DIY Musician Podcast, Chris, Kevin, and the Bolt investigate what a musician needs to be prepared for if he or she becomes suddenly successful online. Some artists seem to be ready and take full advantage of a viral event, while others are little-prepared and thus fall into a drug-infused tailspin that leads them to a life of debauchery and petty crime. Wouldn’t you rather be prepared? Find out what the podcasters have to say on the subject of viral preparedness.

Tuck, duck, and Rock n’ Roll my friends, the DIY Musician Podcast is back!

#119 Roundtable – Are Your Fans Stealing Your Music?

Are They Fans or Music Theives?Well it’s been debated all over the internet in recent weeks. An intern at NPR, Emily White, sparked a huge controversy in the music blogging world, when she admitted to not paying for all the music she owned.

We’ll explore both sides of the controversy and throw our thoughts into the ring. Plus, we’ve got the latest music news and more.

Check out the DIY Musician article mentioned in our podcast here

And for those who thought we’d thrown in our hats, we’ve just had a little less time to devote to new podcast episodes, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still fighting the good fight for independent musicians everywhere. Thanks for sticking with us!

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