#002 : Lisa Lepine – Moving your music forward!

Music promotion. Everyone from the first time songwriter to the seasoned pro, ponders the question of promoting his or her musical career. There are books, 10 step programs, and even charts and graphs that claim to have solved these weighty issues for us. All we need to do is shell out a few bucks, do the steps and be on our way to success. If only it were that simple! Is it possible that these methods and programs have been trying to attack the music promotion question from the wrong angle? That’s where Lisa Lepine comes in. She was given the nickname, The Promotion Queen, so it was a good assumption that she would be able to offer some perspective on the matter. So, before you staple another concert poster to another telephone pole in your city, take a listen to what Lisa has to say. It might be time to rethink what will really move your career forward.

The intro theme song is by our very own Chris Robley

The featured music in episode 2 is by Oh Darling

  • Thanks for the great interview with Lisa Lepine. She sounds very involved with the artists with whom she interacts. In addition, she seems to be really passionate about helping them to discover who they are, what makes their work unique, and how they can best present that to the public. I appreciate you offering this to us. I hope everyone will take advantage of this opportunity.

    Darrell Day

  • Great show! I listened through both episodes today. I really liked the Oh Darling music. Were you a fan of their work or were they chosen randomly?


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    I’m glad you like Oh Darling! Davey, who plays guitar in the band, also works at CD Baby. We actually produced these shows several weeks in advance, so that episode was done before people knew there was a CD Baby podcast. For the first couple episodes, it was just easier to grab some music from CD Baby artists we knew. Now that we are getting in a good groove, you’ll start hearing a wider variety of music on the show.


  • Dang.
    Here’s another reason I gotta break down & finally get me that iPod. Thanks for that!
    Really though, great idea here – looking forward to more.

    Jeff Van Devender

  • Hey guys,
    Excellent work on the podcast. Subscribing today. Looking forward to tuning in and taking advantage of this (yet another) great resource from CD Baby.

    Just listened through the “Mistakes” podcast and laughed because I barely got my CDs back from the manufacturer in time for my release party!

    I’ve been a CD Baby artist for a couple years, but was a first-time customer last month. You guys are great. Proud to be a little part of what you all do.

    Best wishes!

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    I hope the release party went well!


  • Excellent interview and information. Very impressed with the podcast and look forward to more. Thanks for all you do for indie artist.
    Earth Songs

  • What a great interview. You guys are so encouraging. Promotion is the name of the game. Being an independent artist is so frustrating sometimes, you always have something hanging over your head. It’s nice to have a company really want to help and not just take my money.

    Thanks for being there for us.

  • I am really impressed with the info that you guys give out. The podcasts are very interesting and it doesn’t give you any fluff as far as a “sure-fire” way to become a famous rockstar. No illusions. That’s great. Thanks a lot and keep it up!

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  • October 1, 2009 at 12:03 p.m. Thank you,Lisa Lepine, for this very helpful information. I have recently completed my first gospel CD project “Songs of Praise, Volume I”, and I am right there in the middle of trying to promote the project and move it forward to the people. I heard you talking about “having a story”. I liked that advice because people like listening to stories. I am trying to develop my story, but I believe my story is that God can use anyone who is willing to serve Him. What I mean by that is God gave me these songs and alowed me to complete the CD not depending on myself, but depending on God. He did not allow me to do it the way I thought, but He allowed me to do it colloboratively. I brought my family (husband and three children)and friends (church members and loved ones) together to help lift up the name of the Lord through “Songs of Praise Volume I”. The big picture is: you don’t have to be the best. God can use anyone who is willing. Willing to sing God’s praise…that’s me!

  • Been making a living on the road for a while now and this is a prime example of what information is needed to start and sustain a career in this not so transperant biz. This type of information is essential for the beginner with a ton of questions and the veteran that may be a little numb to industry needs.

  • This was a great podcast. I learned a lot thank you so much for this. I subscribed on Itunes. I can’t wait for future podcasts. Keep up the great work.

  • Moving your music forward..the music business is so vast. so many people involved. so much to discover, learn, re-learn, risk and so on. when that inner voice inside you keeps saying: “keep going” then you are moving forward. Sharing your music with as many people as possible in all its’ forms: ipods, dvds, cds, mp3s etc. Not to be afraid to make mistakes..anyone in this world who has gone very far and has moved forward has made many mistakes along the way. I believe we learn more from our mistakes than our successes. It all depends on how you want to make a living as a professional musician. One can stay at home at promote around the world, or one can go out and perform and do it that way. There is no one way. IT is essential I believe to learn as much as possible about the many faces of the music business. Talking with others about their story and how they go about doing things. but not to fear doing things your way. OPinions and comments from othere are fine but not always the answer. YOur path is made as you move along the bumpy road of uncertainty. IF you say to yourself “I am made to share my music with others and you do that then you are moving forward. YOu can make a very good living from composing and performing, mixed in with promotion and marketing. Art and business are fused together..and why not? it is important to do the music and talk less about it. things happen when a recording is born. so much can be done with a product. It’s a mystery to watch your music reach others. However it takes lots and lots of work and learning and contacting people and then building your ammunition to start over and over again. ONe step at a time. and lots of risk taking!!and to finish off have fun with what you do. It is those that take the most risks with their music that “move their music forward”. share your passion and don’t let the ship stay too long at the harbour..Get out on the ocean and deal with the waves, and the wind and the storms and the calm sea,,but get out there!! peace to you all.

  • I am happy to get more information on how to promote my music thur people that know the business with cd/baby.


  • I was really impressed with your vision of success. Those principles of relationship building seem to be the hardest part for me. Hopefully I can overcome some of my fears of rejection. It seems everybody is trying to promote something nowadays and everyone is stuck somewhere. Only a very few have the whole package of ingredints to cook a great stew.

  • Sweet interview. Very helpful. Understanding how to communicate my uniqueness is very challenging and Lisa gave some great ideas. Thanks for the Podcast. Hopefully I can learn to better communicate Dolo uniqueness!


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  • Wildwillwilliamson

    Very important topic to consider!

  • Ed Saunders

    Excellent perspectives.   It’s cool to hear people who care about music who realize it’s our responsibility as musicians to create our careers through win-win relationships.   

  • Jan Vytásek

    I am very sorry to write that, but I tried to contact Mrs. Lepine-twice so far. I was interested to share some ideas and wanted to consult some basic things to start some collaboration. But although I wrote to her via her facebook profile or via LinkedIn profile (she accepted me in her contacts-so she must have gotten my message), she never responded a single word. I know she might be busy, and I wouldn’t be angry if she wrote something like “sorry man, I’m not into you or your music, so I don’t want or don’t know how to collaborate”. Ok, it’s clear, polite and honest. But she wasn’t even polite enough to write a short answer. I wouldn’t expect such a thing from someone who’s known as a musician-friendly collaborator. I’m a bit disappointed and hope that other guys have better experience…

  • The Wooden

    Love the idea of finding your roots, and then being able to understand the branches, helps you be able to err branch out your idea of who you are, and your persona being the wardrobe for your soul