#004 : Dan Zanes – Make Friend’s with CD Baby’s Top Selling Artist

CD Baby’s top selling artist, singer/songwriter Dan Zanes, has been making music for over two decades. The former member of the 80’s group, The Del Fuegos, stumbled into his biggest musical accomplishment to date, creating a brand of kid’s music that is enjoyable for the whole family. His albums and performances are more than just music, but a unique experience that encourages community as well as participation. After a packed show at the Aladdin Theater in Portland, OR, Dan took time with us to recount his story. It begins with him hitting the streets, selling CDs out of the trunk of his car. Now he tours the world and works with companies like Disney and Starbucks. With all the success, Dan Zanes remains an independent artist in the truest sense of the word!

The featured music in episode 4 is by Dan Zanes

The intro theme song is by our very own Chris Robley

  • Hey everyone! I hope life is treating ya well, today! 🙂 … yeah, I just listened to Dan’s interview, and I couldn’t think of a better way to start my day (with my coffee, of course, hehe!)… but anyway, 2 things I would like to say: One, is that I’ve been tunin’ in to all of your podcasts, and I’d just like to say that this is definitely one of the ‘better information sources’ for the indie-world & musicians, overall… so, ya get the ‘thumbs-up’ from me, 🙂 ….. Second, I would like to point out that it was interesting what Dan had mentioned about, generally, how he had first came with the idea of doing ‘kids music’. Although, he’s been playing rock for many years, he did make a reference to how he ‘had a certain song, or music, running around in his head for a while’… I, personally, think that many songwriters (including myself) have moments, like this, in their career. I’m no exception. Whereas, I started out doing a LOT of rap music in my beginning. And to this day, I’m still involved in it. But certain words & melodies that were ‘running around in my head for a while’, were just too authentic for even my rap-counterparts (let’s face it, the rap-scene is saturated with a lot of junk these days, but I still remain to be a ‘true-school head’). But, it was, and still is me. So, despite what others might say about going off into different genres, I believe it’s so important to be real about what you write & play, and to not be ‘so concerned’ about what category you fall into. I mean, look at Dan… I’m pretty sure he can be proud of what he’s accomplished & what he’s still accomplishing these days… And I do believe that he’s just ‘being himself’….. So, I’ll end it by saying this, – “Don’t limit yourself, because we all have an unlimited amount of potential… you just need to dig into yourself to find it, because no one else can do it for ya…”.

  • Hi everyone,
    I live way down in Sydney Australia and having just listened to Dan’s interview, I was amazed at how all of us are so similar. We all want the best for our kids and they are so inspiring. I run a big band for kids and our music started happening when our first daughter was born. It was the same story…..we went into record stores to see what we could enjoy together and there wasn’t a lot. At that stage there wasn’t even Dan! We started KINDERJAZZ for the same reasons…..the music was strong and wholesome and it came inbetween the ‘baby’ stuff and the ‘adult’ stuff. It’s a magical place. I consider it such a priviledge to be doing this. It’s never about the money. It’s always from the heart. To see families become more connected because they sing together or enjoy great music together is just the best thing. These podcasts are amazing! We’re coming to New York in 2008 and it’ll be awesome!

  • This is exactly what I expected to find after reading the title: Top selling artist | CD Baby DIY Music Podcast. Thanks for informative article

  • Jorge

    Wow, my first time checking out the cdbaby podcast and look who’s featured! Those of you without kids may want to check out Dan Zanes’ “Parades & Panoramas” CD (it’s the one I push on all my friends without kids) – it’s basically modern recordings of traditional songs and it’s awesome!