#009 : Roundtable Edition – We Discuss Alternative Venues

Clubs, bars and coffee houses aren’t the only gigs in town! In this action packed episode of the DIY Music Podcast, Kevin, Jourdan, Chris and Robert discuss Fran Snyder’s interview in Episode 08, and then share their own thoughts and stories regarding non-traditional venues. Kevin tells us how his band played the men’s department in Wal Mart. Robert shares how all his favorite bands played in a secret basement. Chris recommends the divine acoustics of playing a house of worship and Jourdan discusses how being a classical flautist can land you some pretty interesting gigs. Sometimes thinking “outside the box” can reap big rewards and bigger laughs. Join in the fun!

After you listen, share with us your experiences playing alternative venues. Leave a comment on the page or email us at:

  • some notes:
    90 minute shows are usually two sets – 40 minutes 20 break/30-40
    minute set, so more like 70-80 minutes of show, which often includes
    the “stories behind the songs.” some artists really take advantage of
    this, and wind up talking more than they play! Plus, there’s always
    room for a well-selected cover or two. So it’s not as intimidating as
    it might have seemed.

    intimacy – despite one of the comments I heard, it is entirely
    possible to get people to sing along, clap, and groove a bit. In fact
    – I insist on it, and make an ass of myself until it happens. 8^)

    falling asleep (getting folked to death) – remember, there’s a
    stretch break, stories, and always a memorable awkward moment to
    bring people’s attention back. It’s not for everyone, but I’ve heard
    comments from many a person who reluctantly came, and was so won over
    that they wouldn’t shut up about it after the show.

    Thanks again for including me – you guys are really doing a great
    job, and have chosen an excellent format.

    Last bit: hit youtube, search house concerts, and watch the video of
    Glenn Phillips (toad the wet sprocket) performing “drive by” – great
    example of the kind of moments that house concerts provide.

    fran snyder
    http://www.concertsinyourhome.com – the most comprehensive and up-to-
    date house concert site on the web.
    http://fransnyder.com – terrible music unfit for human ears.