#016 : Dylan Magierek – Who Needs Record Labels?

In a time when worldwide distribution is available through companies like CD Baby for less then a pack of new bass strings, what is the use of a record label for an indie musician? These days even “major label” artists are striking out on their own for more lucrative careers as independents. So do you need a label? Are labels good or evil? How valuable are record companies to the indie music scene in this day and age?

Before you sign on the dotted line, Join Kevin in this truly valuable investigation into the pros and cons of having a label behind you. You may be surprised at what you learn.

Dylan Magierek runs Badman Recording Co. and has put out records for prestigious artists such as My Morning Jacket, The Posies and Mark Kozelek and compilations including Low and the Red House Painters.

  • Great podcast guys. It was great to hear how much the cash split is between Dylan and his bands and he seems like an honest guy. He even gave away some great tips on where he likes to market his bands and even threw out some radio names. I’ll be listening to this podcast again. Well interviewed and full of tons of information. Thanks for sharing!

  • Dyckns

    I feel like I just got back from Nam and , living in D.C., discovered “underground” radio! Thanks guys and Gals! I was walking around with Hendrix, Cocker and Joplin and most people didn’t know who they were.
    Thank you, again. It’s a rejuvenating experience and I thought I was already “experienced’! Thankful I didn’t become a DJ because I really thought it would last forever. “Free-play” is what I’m referring to as to what music was put on-air. Great information. Thanks again.

  • I need to know the name of the song you played at the end of the podcast. That track was hot.

  • Thanks Dyckns and Kelly!

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  • Michael,

    The track at the end of the show is called Get Mad by Kyle Andrews. You can check out that album here -> http://badmanrecordingco.com/buy/default.aspx?productDetail=letgo


  • BDyckns

    Thanks Admin….GOT IT.

  • Hey,

    It’d be great if you gave us a list of all the music you use in each podcast. A lot of it I really liked, especially on this episode. What’s the first track you played on this episode?


  • Thanks for a great podcast.

    As a indie label owner for over 15 years it was great to hear the indie label side for once. Outstanding questions and coverage. It’s nice to hear something positive about those of use who put our time and money into backing other peoples art.

    Keep up the great work.


  • Thanks a Million Curt! Keep in touch!

    Josh, we’ll get that music list. Sorry for the delay.

    Tha holidays are busy at CD Baby : )

    All the bands in this episode are from Dylan’s label.