#026 : Roundtable – Brain-tingleing Indie Goodness

Guess what? We’ve got a hotline: 206-426-5683. We’ve asked artists to call in and tell us about mistakes they’ve made in their music careers and what they’ve learned from these mistakes. In this episode, find out what songs you shouldn’t play at an Narcotics Anonymous meeting house, why not to taunt your audience at a roadhouse in Ohio and more. Plus music news and other indie delights!

As mentioned in the show : Nielson Soundscan’s State of the Industry Report

Closing song is by CD Baby artist: The Morals

  • IKE C.E.O. & ONE half of “A.I.PRODUCTIONS”BMI SONGWRITER/COMPOSER, has always had a passion for music and even though he grew up in a house where his parents listened to Latin music he never took an interest in it. Growing up in the South Bronx he mainly listened to Hip Hop, Rap and R&B and began to grow a strong interest in these particular genres. He began learning more and more about music in the early 90s when he started listening to mix tapes. He would buy every new mix tape that was released and would always share his ideas and dreams about being a producer to his family and friends. However, his interest was never to become an artist; instead, he wanted to work behind the scenes in production MAKING MUSIC. In the mid to late 90s Ron G held a spot as a DJ on 107.5 and every time he was on air Ike would be sure he was home to listen to it and record it. He admired his mixing style and creativity, who has also, produced records for J.Lo, R.Kelly, Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Big L, Kelly Rowland, B2K, Trey Songz, Fat Joe, Shaq, Cam’ron just to name a few. Ike has always enjoyed music by Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Snoop Dog as well as others artists, but his very favorite was Nas. Hes always felt he was one of the best lyricists hip hop has ever seen and hes always made it clear that even though Nas as well as Ron G are successful men in the music industry, they have remained humble and yet passionate about what they do. Ike can relate to this because he too is both hardworking and passionate about doing what he loves. For the past few years, Ike has finally began to see his dreams fulfilled. He has been helping Ron G promote his music to several cities such as New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Miami. Hes been targeting music stores mainly in the hood such as the mom and pops. These promotions, amongst other things have given him insight and exposure to the music industry. Also, Ron G has played the role of mentor and has given Ike the opportunity to learn what making music is all about. Ike is finally starting to make his music and wants to leave his mark. I want to make music that will impact everyone. I want to create different sounds, which can be considered hard, dark and commercial. But overall I want to make music that is strong, different and never forgotten!

  • Hot Up and Coming Career!!!

  • I think those conversation were fascinating. I had second thoughts about working with CD baby, but after hearing this podcast, it gave me a hope that real music can make money.
    You guys seem very genuine and that is refreshing. We do Pan African /Ethiopian Jazz /Hip Hop /Fusion / world music , and people keep telling me were too “niche”. They say “I love it , but I’m not sure if the “mainstream” will get it.” But I meet a lot of people who genuinely dig our sound. You guys helped me come up with news ways to reach them. CD baby Rocks !! Homboy was was right when he said that if you sound different , people will put you in a box. People say we sound like Outkast or Black Eyed Peas, just because we are outside the traditional hip hop paradigm. But at the end of the day those aren’t bad groups to be compared to. You guys showed me a new way too look at my career and may have kept me from giving up.

  • Kafa. You are sooo awesome. Glad to be of service. Thanks for your kind words. It means the world to us!


  • I’ve been a member of CD baby for a little over a month. I
    haven’t seen any sales yet but it hasn’t been that long. I’ll
    say one thing, this company is on the side of the musician.
    I’ve gotten a lot of distribution,the last place I worked
    with did nothing. I released a song called Mardi Gras.
    I describe it as Brazilian pop.I normally do Metal guitar,the mystical
    stuff.dragons,wizards,etc. I like to challenge myself with
    side projects. The song Mardi Gras became a hot download on
    Amazon.com when I first released it, that’s why I put it out

    One thing you should remember, you never know when a song is
    going to take off so hang in there.

  • I’d like to say something about being an artist. An artist
    goes through more than any nine to fiver will ever go through.
    Mastering the music you play alone is a tremendous
    commitment. The only job security you have is a loyal
    audience. Bono from U2 said “Give the people what you want”.
    U2s success speaks for itself. Most musicians don’t care for the
    business part of music but if your’e a professional you have to
    deal with it. It’s important to let everyone know your’e around.
    If your’e lucky enough to have people to take care of things
    you still have to make sure things are taken care of right.

    No matter how advanced technology gets the artist has to be able
    to play or sing. There’s nothing like a finely crafted instrument
    played by a master musician.

    Success is about who holds on the longest,you don’t necessarily
    have to be good.If the true artist holds on, playing the music that
    comes from their soul, that music becomes part of our lives.
    These artist will never be forgotten.

  • That is so right, So I guess that’s what makes you a Artist, being unique having a message in your music is so important, but I truly feel that is the keeping power of an Artist, the weather your going to be around awhile, or will you fade in 6 months after you’ve Released your Debut CD Project! Due to the kind of Message you bring through your Music.

    Mr.Base of (WEC)

  • Just wondering…. I did a live broadcast over KKCR radio here on Kauai, Hawaii that went real well. May I submit it for your consideration or could you please advise me how I might promote it?

  • Marc Solomon’s name is spreading like fire across Florida. His avant-garde blues/rock style has been drawing huge crowds for months and the release of his debut CD in October is fanning the flames. A native South Floridian, Marc began playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 12. Since then he has won the FREC Award for ‘Best Emerging Recording Artist’ for his lead guitarist role in Dominique Vouk and the Sexy Band. He also toured with the Jimi Hendrix’s original artwork, unveiled last year in Miami’s Art Basil, and was a featured artist in Ft. Lauderdale’s Winterfest Boat Parade. In October NBC News featured Marc with several live televised performances just before his CD release. Marc Solomon’s originals are an eclectic barrage of catchy ‘sing-along’ hooks and bluesy guitar tags. His songs range from the driving rock of Sunday Afternoon where Marc shares the exhilarations of ‘love at first sight’ to the Ballad of Isabella where he risks his integrity and honor in a pistol duel for a dubious woman’s heart. All of his songs pulse with driving beats and a melodic palate that keep audience dancing on their feet. Marc Solomon and his ‘Collaboration’ (Band) are planning on touring outside of Florida in early 2009. With the support of thousands of fans, an amazing following, and unprecedented showmanship Marc Solomon will be a name you’ll be hearing from.

  • It is good to see so much independant musician work hard to achive their carrer
    as myself and nice to see companies such as ‘CDBABY’ To help the music and musician
    As for me I have too keep up with the struggle of writing and keeping up to date
    with the music industries , which is good.

    Thank for the members and staff at ‘CDBABY’.

    See the above web page of mind to get more insite of what I do etc.
    Also see below for more possible music site in which I had completed ten number albums etc.
    enyjoy and may peace, and happyness onto all.
    Cheers 🙂

    Stephen Bastien was raised in the Caribbean where he experienced playing in a steelpan orchestra. When he moved to London he joined the British Airways Groovers a steelpan band that travelled internationally for five years.
    In 1991 he joined a hard rock band called Illegal Attittude as a bass player. They toured Sweden,Germany,Spain and played in many London venues like the Markee,the Boarderline,the Garage and the Rock Gagden.
    In 1995-1999 he joined the Royal Family as a bass player and a co-writer. The band played at the Phoenix Festival in 1996 made a TV appearence for Channel 4 at the Basment music program and supported Rachel Stamp in different venues.
    Stephen has been busking at Leicester Square,Covent Garden and other UK holiday destinations with international musician playing music as varied as pan pipes fusion to morden flamenco guitarring.
    At the moment he i setting up the Groove factory company with the intention of selling his own dance music to in
    dependent labels etc.
    Groove Factory (Conobus) original dance tracks for sale. Visit http://boogieflippo.pod0matic.com/rss2.xml http://www.cdbaby.com/gfconobus,http://www.reverbnation.com/groovefactoryconobus .http://www.soundclick.com/groovfactoryconobus, http://www.musicforte.com/member/boogieflippo, http://www.musicforet.com/cd/boogieflippo,http://www.tunetribe.com/artist/index.html?id=226, under the above artist name.
    Cool grooves fusing street beats & sounds across the times.


    Stephen Bastien

  • Hello,
    I’m a Singer/SongWriter from woodbury CT currently completed a 14 song Cd Called Cyberspy Cybernation: on iTunes, CdBaby.com
    I wanted to say a goff up that happened for me which can be a major problem for artist or a band forming. I had completed recording 10 songs out of 14 on my new CD Cyberspy: Cybernation and I was excited and showed a fellow musician (Bass Player) he proceeded to get excited about my project wanted to jam, well the goof was just that, I’d say that if you make it that far through a project where your almost done, don’t start jamming on material with that person until your done with your project. I ended up putting him on the CD and he ended up wasting so much of my time by not showing up for recording sessions, the other thing is, I was 4 songs away from having the whole thing done myself, now he calls and says, I’m here to help you on the next one, and he wants to make it more powerful. So my point is if you want to make a solo project and want full control over the end result, don’t involve people near the end. I don’t need full control but with Cyberspy it was something I created myself, and I was siked about it, but by involving another person near the end, well I lost that feel because of add a friend, so my advice, keep it simple, make sure you copyright material before even showing it to other musician, trust me you can get burned

  • I just got an account with CD Baby today and I am very excited! I have previously purchased cds here and now I look forward to selling my own here as well.

  • Seems everyone I know has their CD here. I guess with the disappearance of major CD retail stores , this is the way to go

  • There was one time we forgot our drummer’s stick bag, so while everyone else was getting set up, I had to run back home and grab the bag. I barely got back in time to play the gig, and since I didn’t have much of a chance to check the sound, we had to wing it. We got told to “turn down” after a few songs. It wasn’t a total disaster, just one of those situations you want to avoid if at all possible.

  • The Triumphants were invited to sing at a pastor’s convention, in a hotel in Ft.Lauderdale. We were asured they had fine sound equipment so the band gets there and find the sound equipment was all locked up and no one had a key. Three of the band left in a huff.After the person in charge apoligised and explained about the sound equipment ask me to sing. Being the leader of the group, I felt obligated so I sang three songs accapella and wound up with five bookings. Key points don’t depend on others but be dependable.

  • Never be afraid to speak out.What you have to
    say could be important to everyone. If you’re
    a musician it’s your duty to stir things up.
    Musicians in the 60’s spoke out when something
    needed to be said. It’s up to us to carry on the
    tradition. A lot of artists have their own labels.
    We have to empower ourselves.

  • Thanks CD Baby – Muchas Gracias for great work, different options for us to promote our work, artist-friendly communication. Congratulations on great idea and excellent follow through. Love it Very Much.

    Me ha encantado trabajar con CD Baby. Felicidades!
    francisco herrear



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