#028 : Roundtable – Bloopers, Bungles, and Musical Disasters

Don’t set yourself on fire with bad lighting equipment. Back up your recording sessions. Keep an eye on your producer when she takes your masters to the bathroom with her. Be careful what you record on another label’s dime. These stories and more, plus the return of vinyl and bands on bikes.

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Article on Vinyl at Fred Meyer

  • As I was listening to this podcast I was reminded of one major disaster in my career:

    When I released my first album, I hadn’t registered the domain name I wanted yet. After the album was printed, we checked the availability of the domain name, and it was taken. We got in touch with the person who had parked the domain, but he wasn’t willing to sell it for less than 5 grand despite the fact that I wasn’t even in the same industry. Ultimately, my album was released with the wrong web address on it. There’s only one character difference between the URL I wanted and the URL I got, but lesson learned. Always check in advance.