#029: Ariel Hyatt – Social Networking Online

Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, YouTube and Flickr. Are you on these these websites? Do you know how to take advantage of their many features for self promotion and fan building? Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR and Ariel Publicity proselytizes that social networking is not just a quaint way of keeping track of your old high school buddies, but a critical element in finding success in your music career. Why? Because these are some of the most powerful marketing tools available and they are all free to use. Join us for this truly valuable interview with an expert in the field of marketing music online. Ariel shares all sorts of great tricks and tips. No matter if you are an occasional myspace user or seasoned social networker, Ariel has insights and strategies that we can all learn from. You may have to listen twice, just to absorb all the valuable advice!

Check out Ariel’s website http://arielpublicity.com
for more articles, books and resources for marketing your music online!

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  • That was an awsome handfull of info. thanks.

  • Definitely some useful stuff in there. Ariel’s website is also very informative. I bet if you pay her to do some work she’d do a great job…

  • Tim

    Excellent episode. Great tips.

  • Excellent. I went out and bought both books she suggested. Thanks you guys for such quality work!!!

  • This is great! I just discovered your site and I’m psyched about all of your interviews. I work with Ariel and think she’s fantastic. Her advice about how to use the internet to the best of our ability as musicians is so valuable.

  • Thanks Kaitlin. Ariel’s got a great head for internet marketing. She was a really fun interview too.


  • Don

    That was great. I think I’m in love with Ariel. Really she had so much great information. I will definitely put it to use in my bands upcoming debut album. Keep up the great work guys and i look forward to future episodes.

  • Wonderful and inspiring. I feel a resurgence in my quest for my own marketing.
    Thanks Ariel.

  • Brian

    Great interview. I have a little suggestion: It would be great if on your site you provided all the links to all the sites, software and people that she mentioned or more generically that anyone mentions in their podcast. She made reference to a mac program for myspace and I am on my second shuttle through trying to find it.

  • Thanks Brian. I’ll try to be better about that. Sometimes It’s hard with an episode like this where so many things are mentioned. Let me know if you find that sight and I’ll post it.


  • This was fantastic. Terrific work everyone at CD Baby. I took notes and it will be extremely helpful to check out all this information. Everyone should listen to this!

  • Jeff Gancasz

    Great interview. Probably the best one that I’ve have heard on the DIY Musicians podcast yet. Very informative! A must listen for any Indie musician!!!

  • A very informative interview, very useful for self-promoting musicians like myself!

  • Thanks for all of the kind words everyone! I am so glad you enjoyed the interview. Here’s to your online success
    – Ariel

  • Thanks Ariel & CD Baby podcast.

    Ariel, you had a lot of great practical suggestions and I’m definitely going to have to stew on them. You talked about a lot of things that got me excited again and wanting to try. Thanks! 🙂