#031 : Roundtable – Chicken Soup For the Indie Soul

Robert nearly burns down his apartment building. Yahoo Music folds along with the music that came with it. Chris extols the virtues of gig swapping. We revisit interviews with Anne Roos and Ariel Hyatt. Plus, We’ve got more mistakes and blunders from our audience as well as one story of unbridled success. Kick up your feat, loosen your belt, and pour yourself a cool glass of the indubitably delicious and nutritious CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast.

From our success story : The Elephant Song video by Eric Herman

  • Love it. Thanks!


  • Just wanted to congratulate you guys for all the great episodes. I was hearing this episode31 today coming to work and just couldn’t stop laughing with the young rapper doing his necessity on stage.

  • I agree with the comments on some bands/musicians spending too much time on myspace and not enough time on music. Myspace and Facebook can be such time suckers – hours can go by and before you know you’ve got nothing done that you planned to do!

    It can be really hard to balance the time between marketing and the actual music playing/writing/production. I’d love to practice an hour day but as I have just released a CD and am in the middle of a marketing blitz which includes a ton of emails and letters I am only practicing every 2nd day. But at least this is enough from stopping me going rusty.

  • Thanks Pedro. I think Kevin had the same experience when he first heard that one too!


  • I’m definitely a fan of social networking tools, and have recently become addicted to Twitter. Facebook or MySpace on the other hand, I rarely spend much time there.