#032 : Evan McHugh – Writing Songs

Songwriting is hard. It requires an ear for melody, a mind for poetry, and a heart to translate emotion into the hills and valleys of song. The process of songwriting is different for everyone, but there are also certain insights and techniques that many songwriters share. Evan Mchugh of Atlanta, Georgia is an accomplished performer, song smith and CD Baby artist. He shares his process and thoughts on song writing as well as the music that is the fruit of his labor.

Evan’s Album : From the Second Chair

  • good luck Evan in your song writing and wish you to become one of the best soon

  • Thank you CD Baby & Evan.

    Evan, I actually started playing guitar when I was 17 as well. It’s interesting to hear your perspective and methodology on songwriting. It helps a lot. Cheers! 🙂