#038 : Tim Westergren – Pandora Internet Radio

Pandora radio has revolutionized the way online music fans listen to and discover music. Tim Westergren is founder of Pandora and the Music Genome project that made it possible. With so many musicians creating so many albums music discovery is a more and more important aspect of the music business. Tools like Pandora that help people discover music have become crucial.

Give Pandora a listen http://pandora.com

  • Kenny

    I love the Pandora. Particularly my channel for “This Will Destroy You”. I can veg out to that for hours!

  • One vital bit of information missing from the podcast is the fact that you need a UPC Bar Code for your CD to submit it to Pandora.


    CD Baby can arrange one for you for $20 if you’re selling your CDs through them. I can’t believe you guys missed the opportunity to advertise this service! 😉


    One annoying thing about Pandora at the moment is that I can’t use the service in Australia due to “licensing constraints”. I hope that they sort out this legal issue soon as the Music Genome Project sounds like a great idea. I have submitted my CDs (with the UPC Barcodes) but I won’t be able to listen to Pandora to see if they’ve added them!

    Anthony Pell (Apell)

  • If your music gets played on commercial radio
    you’re entitled to statutory royalties. When the host
    plays your song a cue sheet is marked. You’re paid based on
    how many times your music is played. When you go into heavy
    rotation this can add up. If you own the copyright you control
    the rights.

    If you would like to know more get Donald Passmans book All
    You Need to Know About The Music Business. He has an updated
    version of it. This should be required reading for all
    serious artists.

  • Maura Jensen

    I don’t even have an album yet (recording it now) but Pandora is one of the services I’m excited to submit to as soon as I do! (right after I CDBaby;) I’ve been using Pandora for couple years, and I remember what it was like when hardly anyone knew about it and it was still a little rough around the edges as far as picking songs I would like. (I had alot of thumbs down…). Now I almost don’t have to worry about giving a thumbs down, and I hear about Pandora all the time from friends with iphones who can use it anywhere…some use it INSTEAD of their iPods or iTunes altogether. And it really does seem like a genius way for an unknown artist to get their music heard…sort of like covering a song of an artist similar to you so their fans might stumble across your version, or messaging those fans to ask them to check out your music, except this way you don’t have to do a cover and you don’t have to spam strangers:)