#039: Roundtable – How Fans Discover Your Music

Indie legends Wilco release an EP that’s also a free application. Guns ‘N’ Roses finally does it. Video games drive music sales. Robert seems mostly recovered from a minor head injury. The podcasters discuss Pandora Radio and the many ways that people discover music. Plus call-ins and lessons learned from our awesome audience (that’s you!).

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playapp.com is the company releasing Wilco’s enhanced EP as mentioned on the podcast.

  • Hi,,I stumbled-on this site,while checking,my space,amie street,and my cd- baby,musician pages,Any thing?? you guys,might be able to share with-me,would be really appreciated,REALLY!! I don’t know if it’s my voice, my music,or the mastering done on my cd,(or all,of the above)?? But I haven’t seen 1-sale,on all of the sites,I’m listed on.Not-a thing,,To be Honest,it’s so disscouraging,I’m not even sure,if I can go to my-music sites anymore,to see-if I’ve even had a hit,no less any downloads,So far-none since,Sept/Oct,of this year, I know you don’t-know me, but it sure would help,if someone would just get Honest,and tell me,,why I’m not selling,if you get a chance,to take a look or a listen,your feedback,maybe able to,set this right, Thanks so much for even taking time! Really,Greg L

  • Hi Greg,

    I would go back and listen to at all our back episodes of the podcast. If you can’t find the answer to your question in all the discussions and interviews we do, you’ll at least have a better idea of where you stand. Once you’ve done that, ask us again and I think you might find that your question has changed.



  • Your chat about categorizing your music is an interesting one – as it’s something I’m struggling to do myself. I’ve just released my debut CD (via CD Baby of course) – so I’m not yet in a position to search iTunes or other sites to see what people purchased along with my own – as of course – I won’t be able to do that until a few people have actually bought my album.

    I have been asking friends to tell me who I sound like and what genre of music I am playing – and the replies have been interesting – very diverse – and in many cases difficult to believe. This leads me to think, that it only starts being useful when the ‘sample size’ (so to speak) is big enough; only then would you see a pattern emerging.

    To put this in context; I’ve been compared to John Martyn, Ry Cooder, Ryan Adams, Lloyd Cole, John Prine, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Elvis, Hipsway and JJ Cale. Hard to see a pattern emerging there?

    I should mention in passing that Pandora Radio isn’t available in the UK – there is a message on their site saying something about licensing problems.

    Thanks for the podcasts, I’ve only listened to a few so far but I’ve found them very useful and entertaining. Keep up the good work.

    All the best,