#040: Alex Steininger – Get Publicized!

Alex Steininger, music journalist, 10 year veteran publicist, and founder of ‘In Music We Trust’ (a label, eZine and publicity company) discusses the ins and outs of promotion in the digital age. Alex is the publicist for our own Chris Robley and many others. He discusses how to pick a publicist, what a publicist does and at what point a musician should seek a publicist to move his or her music forward. Don’t miss this one! Your music career will thank you.

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  • I believe this question was from episode #40 or #39. I’m catching up so they are all blending together.

    A great technology I found for phone interviews is Skype. All you need is a $15 Logitech headphone/mic combo (like what gamers use) and then you can call up to 24 people on one conference call!


    They don’t have to be Skype users, they can use their land line, mobile phone, etc. My band recently did an Interview this way and we had four people on the phone all in different cities. The interviewee used Skype to record the interview. Here are the results if you want to hear the quality:


    There are some delays and some volume differences but overall great quality and cheap.

    Take care and keep up the great work! I LOVED episode #40 about using publicists, as that’s my next step to help support our touring efforts.

    Merry Christmas!


  • Jeff Ronay

    Really enjoyed your podcast #040 with Alex Steininger. He offered great practical insight to the publicist side of the promoting your music, and I thought the questions were right on target. Thanks so much for putting this together.

  • Inspired by your discussion about the need for artists to categorize their music correctly – and following on from my earlier comment about the need to get lots of people to say who you sound like; I’ve come up with a simple idea.

    On my website I’ve added a simple form that seeks answers to the question, ‘Who do I sound like’. The ideas is to build up a list of artists who visitors say you sound like – rather than just taking guesses yourself – or falling into the trap you mentioned of citing artists you would like to sound like. If people fill in the form this will become a very useful marketing tool as you will be able to target your music to those with similar tastes as your own.

    I’ve added the form to my website: http://www.songsbyjimbyrne.com

    Please have a look and suggest improvements. 🙂

    Thanks for the podcast.

    All the best,

  • Tim

    Once again another excellent episode. Between the podcast and Ariel’s stuff its like a free education in “how to be a successful musician without the music.”

  • I loved this episode. Plain and simple.

  • I’m glad I went back and checked my iPod for this podcast I had missed. I had Tweeted the podcast regarding giving some “what’s your story” examples for my band’s press release and lo and behold! This podcast covered it!

    I’d still would like people to post up their ideas of stories that they found effective to capture some press. I’m totally going to get a publicist for my next disc/tour but until then, I’ve gotta handle it on my own.

    I’ll be checking out #41 for even more wonderful gems.