#041: Roundtable – What’s Your Story?

Not-so-secret secrets revealed! Social media do’s and don’ts. What Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and Madonna have in common. YouTube teams up with Rumble Fish. Robert offers to throw a virtual snowball at Kevin. And the podcasters discuss the importance of knowing the story behind your music. Pour yourself a cup of hot coco, plug in your earbuds, and let the DIY Musician Podcast ring in the New Year.
Mentioned in this Episode:
Techipedia article on Social Networking Etiquette

  • Hey guys – excellent show!

    Chris, would you be willing to post some of those questions that Alex Steininger emailed you in order to help other indie musicians start to formulate their own stories? If you’d feel okay doing that, I think quite a few artists would find it really helpful.

    Looking forward to CDBDIYMP ’09!

    ~ MB

  • One thing i’ve learned is you have to approach your
    music in your own way. If you’re not a rapper don’t
    rap. People can spot a fake from a mile away. Some
    musicians are technically brilliant,some know how to
    sell the songs through a performance, some have a
    great image, I live the music. Everything I create comes
    from experience or feeling. A mesmurizing performance
    can come from any of these ways,choose what works for
    you. There more than one way to do it.

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  • I made a mistake in the website address in the first
    comment. My apologies.

  • Hey guys 🙂
    Thank you for the great show! would you mind posting your twitter username on the website ?
    Thanks 🙂

  • I’ll try to get it officially posted, but it’s kbreuner. Just type that into twitter, and you’ll find me.

  • Chris: Great stuff…..Did you ever get a chance to post those questions (where?) from Alex that defined your story? thanks