#046: Roundtable – Podcasting is good for you!

The Boss gets hot under the collar over the Ticketmaster, Live Nation merger. RoundtableA new performance rights bill is gaining traction in Congress. Facebook kicks Myspace’s virtual butt. Kevin, Chris and Robert revisit last weeks interview with internet marketing guru, Jason Van Orden. Plus calls, questions, suggestions, circus animals and curious smells. You’ll thank your lucky stars you listened in!

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*photo by Rebecca Bateman

  • I’ve commented on the show before a few times and noticed that you asked for info on podcasts we artists are doing.

    I’ve hosted an outer-space themed music show for years now over at http://highorbitpodcast.com. From episode one I made this promise: I will NOT play my own tunes on the show unless it’s a live recording. The show is not a shameless plugfest, it’s about good music and robots.

    Then there’s my premium service over at http://matthewebel.net where my fans can get monthly live music and new music from me, as well as other fan-only exclusives!


  • I have a podcast called Guitars and Sampers based around the live looping niche – I play my music and the music of others.

  • Peter

    This is called a “roundtable” discussion, and yet there is clearly no table. I’ve gotta say, I’m really disappointed in the blatant misleading and whatnot. Also, I was under the impression you all were knights of the round table, but clearly, you have no armor nor cutlery. I don’t suppose there are steeds nor jousting gear just out of the camera’s view, eh?

    Disappointed in Des Moines

  • Haha, Awesome!

    http://www.arthurpope.com/songfactory -It’s called Song Factory.

  • Hi guys, great epsode. Glad to hear you clarify some things and show the usual humor. On the podcast side, I’ve been doing a podcast myself since August of 08. It’s focus is on local bands and is really still a learning process for me.
    Episodes can be downloaded directly at:
    or anyone interrested can subscribe via iTunes.

    The podcast is called Bands On Pod.

  • One thing I forgot to mention regarding this episode. Content creation.

    While podcasts, newsletters, email alerts, twitter posts and so on are strictly speaking content items. Music IS NOT or rather SHOULD NOT be content.

    I say that because I hear constantly how music today is best promoted as content.

    This is a self fullfilling prophecy of a sort. If all you produce is Content, you are not creating art and your career, for better or worse is going to be very very short indeed.

    Here, moments as a concept really comes into play. I don’t remember a song because I saw a movie or tv show or video game and heard the song. I remember the song because it struck a cord in me personally.

    I recently watched the DVDs of a cancelled television show entitled Birds Of Prey. The show had it’s failings but, several of the songs I heard in that show forced me to seek out the artists and purchase the music. Not because of the context of the show but because the songs themselves, touched me in some way.

    I love the TV show Chuck. The theme song, though catchy is nothing like the all too brief intro riff one hears on each episode BUT, that riff, sold the band to me. Yes I love the show but I love the band more.

  • Thanks Robert. It’s true, content is a dry term, but useful nonetheless. Of course great art will always transcend the names we give it.

    Robert Bolton

  • Say, anyone who gives my humble podcast efforts a listen, please share your thoughts on it. Either by commenting on iTunes or at the myspace page.


  • This was a great episode. I’m in the planning stages of starting a podcast and I picked up some good ideas from your show. Not sure if I’m going to make my podcast my band’s podcast or if I’m going to just start my own show that focuses on my interests (music, movies, sports, local flavor). I would love to get some feedback from you and your listeners on this. Thanks, Chris

  • I was inspired and made a podcast! It’s on the main page of my http://www.andyeppler.com.

    I’m mostly using it to talk about the new album coming out next month but I’m also talking about some of the run-ins with the Mayor here in Lubbock, TX.

    Hope you guys are doing well. Thanks.

  • Andy,

    Hey, I like it. Two suggestions. One, cut back on the teeth suck sounds. You seem to do the tsk quite a lot. The second is, instead of the horns type fill on that second song, go harmonica. It’s very Rainy Day People/#12 by Bob Dylan in feel and the harmonica would fit better…

    Like the attitude though and the irreverance:)!

  • Oh by the way, cdbaby podcasters… Whatever happened to Jordan? Kinda miss hearing that voice now and again. Is that her on the “You’re listening to, oh, uh, cdbaby” bit?

  • Unfortunately, Jourdan became very busy with other areas of work here at CD Baby, which made it very hard for her to take part in the podcast. We decided consistency was best. We miss having on the podcast as well!

  • Facebook kicking MySpace’s virtual butt was inevitable

  • dave reynolds

    the whole thing of new royalties in the USA. many countries all over the world do this – it’s called “needletime” and it can’t threaten smaller radio stations because, like composers royalites (collected bu ASCAP and BMI) each station will only pay according to their gross annual revenue. in days gone by, sales equals CDS. nowadays, sales equals airplay.

  • Dave,

    Yes, small stations won’t pay as much as larger stations, but it’s still a percentage of their ever shrinking revenues. Traditional radio no longer has the impact on culture that it once did. Who wants to listen to all those commercials and stagnant playlist when you have many other options? This makes any percentage to their revenues a big blow. Plus, this legislation has not passed yet, so there is no guarantee that what gets passed will be fair to the broadcasters. Look what they did to the internet broadcasters like Pandora.

  • I’ve got my first video podcast on iTunes. Just search for Neal Fox. The podcast is called “Neal Fox’s Wire Duck Podcast.”

    Hope you like it.

  • Hi,
    We have a podcast for our band, and anyone is more than welcome to check it out by clicking on our name in this comment. Or, just head over to: http://www.eternityrecords.org to learn about our music and ministry.
    Thanks for the CD Baby DIY podcast, as we’ve gained great insights and found many great resources!
    Thanks also for all you do for musicians, and have a great weekend!

    In Christ,
    Andy and Miranda – In Him

  • This all sounds interesting. How do you do a podcast?
    I have an Mp3 for sale at the moment but I never did a
    podcast. Can you make them available for sale? I’ll
    have to think about doing one myself.

  • Hey guys,

    I am a CDBaby indie artist and my acoustic album “Box” has been on the alternative folk top seller front page since its release in January 2008. I love CDBaby!

    Thanks for the consistently solid show. You keep the standard high and encourage the rest of us to follow suit.

    I just published episode 13 of my own podcast at KeramCast.com that deals with creating video that not only looks good online but meets the standards of a festival release. It also talks about what makes videos go viral, what the new business models are for webisodics, how to monetize those videos and some very insider tips on getting your videos out to as many video streaming sites as possible and tracking the ensuing traffic.

    Check it out and let me know what you think!

  • You asked for podcasts listeners are doing. Mine is Should Be Famous (http://www.shouldbefamous.com), tag line “The best music you’ve never heard”, which features the music of people who do not do music as a career and who may not actively promote their music, but who have something really great that should be shared!