#053: Bill Thompson – Mobile Marketing

The cell phone has rapidly evolved. It’s hard to even think of another technology that has changed as quickly as mobile phone technology. The way we use our phones has changed drastically as well. What started as just a portable phone, has turned into what is now basically pocket computer. In many cases, the actual phone is the least used feature of the device.

In this episode, we talk to Bill Thompson, from Full Sail University, who teaches a course on Mobile Marketing & Commerce. For the indie artist, the mobile phone offers a world of possibility. It takes the technology formerly only available on our home computers, and puts it into real world situations where interactivity can be maximized.

The Mobile Marketing Association website can be found here – http://www.mmaglobal.com/

  • I just listened to this episode and I gotta say, I feel conflicted. Bill obviously has his thumbs on all of the mobile marketing ideas and strategies but he seems wildly out of touch with the state of mobile phone technology. To say that most people have monochromatic screens is ridiculous. Even free phones like the ones our moms opt for have full color screens and can connect to the internet (not that our moms could figure that one out). While his tips were absolutely great actually implementing them seems a bit out of reach. And frankly, i’m disappointed that someone in his position would be so erroneous as to say that while iPhone apps are only for the iPhone, “Android apps are for everyone else”. Also, not mentioning the fact that Windows Mobile has the largest catalog on the planet, along with the reality that the iPhone, while popular in the US and other countries, is not the platform that most international users have (it’s either Symbian, RIM, WinMo or some other proprietary, non-open system). One last point, to say that iPhones have “generally easier access” is to neglect an entire world of mobile software technology. I really feel that omitting these various points skews the outlook for mobile marketing.

  • Ian

    We’ve sorta started doing mobile redirects for our web site. More specifically, to display our band schedule. I’m looking to do purchases via mobile web eventually.

    I’m a programmer, so it was actually very easy to develop a … you could use WAP but XHTML is fairly simple, and can still be worked in with your existing web page. However, it’s something I need to keep up with as more phones browsers become developed.

  • Ian

    Also, I think there’s a mailing list page out there that will also allow people to sign up for a mailing list as well as a text message mailing list?

  • Adam

    I believe, “Ron from Rifas”, that you are mistaken. When Bill was talking about monochromatic screens on cell phones, he was referencing the oldest kinds of phones that are still is mass use today – not saying that most people today have cell phones with monochromatic screens.

    You also misquoted him about the iPhone/Android material. Bill was talking about Apple’s free developer’s tools for the iPhone as opposed to Google’s free developer’s tools for the Android platform – they are not interchangeable. The Android platform was made to scale to various devices, and the iPhone OS is specifically for the iPhone.

    In my opinion, this interview is great, solid material that can be validated with some small amount of effort, if so desired.

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  • Ryan

    I think this is a really good interview. I disagree with Ron From Rifas. Here in Scottsdale, many people still use older phones with limited capabilities. Some of our older residents are comfortable with their own limited, monochromatic phones and won’t upgrade them. To state that Bill is wildly out of touch with technology seems to be mistaken. It sounds like Ron might want to get out more and get more in touch with what people are using. He’s coming across as disgruntled Microsoft Techie with an ax to grind. This seems to be a business podcast, not a programming seminar and I think his comments are detracting from what I think is a good podcast.

  • The thing most seem to have forgotten here is, demographic. The older people using older technology are not your typical demographic for such things as mobile marketing. In fact, they aren’t even your audience by and large.

    The sad fact is, the very people who would likely steal your music given the opportunity, are the very people mobile marketing strategies are aimed at. Are these strategies effective? Statistically, no. For some however, they are quite effective.

    Just remember, what works for one artist/band, won’t necessarily work for you.

  • Wow. Bill, that was great! I hope people realize the value of this podcast. It felt familiar, yet new… Good Show!

  • Will

    Great podcast. This guy really knows his stuff.

  • Short Cinema

    I really enjoyed the topic but felt wanting for more information for the non-corporate indie artist.

    If anything this episode had me doing research on Mobile Marketing. An area I honestly never considered.

    In the spirit of learning from everywhere, even though it not specifically music-related (learned that from Kevin), I found this great podcast episode from “Duct Tape Marketing”. Though their focus is on small business I thought this episode was good because it actually gave company names and reasonable dollar amounts for people who want to try out mobile marketing. If you can listen past the business rhetoric I think you will get really useful resources.


    I have no association with site or anyone in the organization. Just wanted to pass on what I thought was useful information.


  • This looks pretty cool !