#062: Roundtable – Popstars and Power Outage

Pandora adds a paid subscription option with perks. Walmart gets rid of its DRM’d songs. Emusic moves beyond the indie market and stirs controversy. File-sharing is now a part of the Twitter-verse. The podcasters revisit last weeks interview with David Gray and discuss how pop music plays into the world of indie music for better and worse. Your calls, tweets, and comments. Plus in unexpected power outage leaves Kevin, Chris and Robert in the dark. They finish out the podcast in a battery powered fin-alley with lots of laughs.

Recommended in this podcast: Anvil: The Story of Anvil

  • Great podcast guys also glad to hear you enjoyed the Anvil movie!

    On a side note, thank you also for making this podcast listenable here on the cdbabypodcast page. Since my stuff was stolen last week all I have left is any ancient win2k machine so iTunes is out for me.

    Unrelated word of advice for everyone. Get an alarm system for your residence. Write down serial numbers for everything and if possible photograph or video tape all your gear as well. And the big one I forgot, backup on removable media that you can store off site. That cost me 10 years of work. Don’t make my mistake.

  • Really enjoyed this one guys. To be honest, I always enjoy the round table podcasts as it’s where the listener can build a relationship with CD Baby, but I suppose without the other, more informative and less casual podcasts you’d have nothing to talk about.

    I’m still not totally convinced about the X-Factor style of show but it was a very good comment from Rob or Chris (sorry, I can’t remember who said it) about the artist being at their peak the moment the final show is broadcast and from there on it’s downhill.

    It is true that good, honest, artistic music can exist in an entirely seperate parallel universe without commercialised, trend-led pop music having much of an impact but I sometimes wish radio and TV would recognise that.

  • Hope you guys have “found the light”! Once at a place I used to work somewhere near Philadelphia, the computer systems went out on Fri Dec 29th for the whole day. This included all the printers. Apparently it was a virus uploaded from a client file. The “most fun” part was when people started to discover working printers elsewhere in the building and weren’t telling anyone else about them – it was every person for themselves!

    I would love to hear a show about recording, gear, and home studio recording techniques! But that is because I am a recording geek.

    Just attended a conference at my alma mater in Connecticut on the TV/film industry. All weekend the theme was creativity vs. commerce. Joss Whedon spoke; he’s a great example of someone who has managed to tread that line in his career. I think this applies to music as well – there needs to be a balance between “what is my own personal story” and “who is the audience and what do they want?” In music today, so often the stories being told are of supposed extreme personal relevance but to the outside ear seem mightily irrelevant. Refer to Kevin’s comment about 80’s hair bands two ep’s ago here.

    Thanks for slugging it out in the dark! Great episode.

  • Robert Bolton

    Thanks Darren! Glad you like the Roundtables 🙂 They’re fun for us too. I think it may have been I, who said that about the career path of contestants peeking and then dwindling. The path of an indie artist may sometimes feel like Sisyphus’ constant struggle with that infernal boulder as he pushes it up a steep hill, but in the end, it’s the journey and experiences, not the gold records that makes the life of a musician worthwhile.

  • I love the early stages of shows like “Britain’s got Talent?” Some of the funniest and entertaining acts I’ve ever seen. There was one boy from northern England who mumbled whilst picking his nose. You never get to see these kind of acts normally. Not even in the pub karaoke. I am no doubt just a novelty seeking idiot but a lot of “real musicians” look down their noses at every other type of music apart from their own and refuse to see the funny side of their own or others attempts at just having a go.

  • Hey guys,
    I was flying back from Puerto Rico yesterday, and I finally got to this episode. (I usually listen to them in the car.)

    I had almost forgot that I had called in. 🙂

    Just wanted to thank you for playing my crazy story on the podcast.

    I am a Berklee College of Music graduate, and I have learned things from your show that I never learned at Berklee back in the late 80s… obviously, because the “game” has changed so much since then. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

    I can’t wait to CATCH UP and be CURRENT on your episodes! LOL!

    Alexian 🙂