#066: Roundtable – We’re Back

on-airAfter a brief summer hiatus, the podcasters are back with lots of indie tricks and tips for the working musician.  In the news: whispers of a deal between Apple and record labels, code name: cocktail.  A bill enters congress to grant royalties to recording artists for radio play.  Of course it wouldn’t be a proper DIY Musician Podcast without discussions about Twitter and social networking.  Kevin, Chris, and Robert recap the last episode and discuss U-stream and the future of online concerts.  Plus, calls from our wonderful listeners.

In this podcast, Kevin references this article about Twitter Click Here to read it.

  • Just finished listening to the much overdue round table episode. A bit light on content this time but good to hear you all back again.

    Kevin, nice guitar face on Space Oddity:) No bass player? What’s that guitar? Jaguar? Jagstang? By the way, a crossfade would have made
    that negative transition perfect.

    Many people are using uStream, Mathew most infamous of course but there’s also Matt, Stevens out of the UK who does a killer job using loops ala KT Tunstil…

    I’m not a big fan of gear reviews, though I am curious on your thoughts on the Digitech pedal I see Kevin uses. A friend locally uses one to great effect but I’m not sure it’s something I’d ever use.

    Looking forward to the next episode, please don’t take so long this time:)

  • Welcome back. Downloading it now and can’t wait to hear it!

  • Robert,

    Yes, this one was a little light on content. I think the first recording(that didn’t actually record) had some meatier dialogue. It’s been an extremely busy summer for us, so hopefully we’ll be back in the groove soon.

    Thanks for checking out the Space Oddity video! More videos on the way, including that “how to” video about making a band t-shirt (It’s almost done).

    The digitech is great. Very versatile, and I think they totally marketed it wrong when it first came out.

  • Missed you guys, I’ve been busy this summer too good to hear your return

  • I’ve never really caught on to the vision of Twitter. I use it passively, and maybe that’s the problem. I only follow about 25 people, and only about that many follow me. But already, I can’t follow a conversation. If there are three people who post more than five times per day, there’s are the only tweets I see, and interaction dies with everyone else.

    Then there are the few who have 1000 followers and who follow 1000 people. How can I really interact with them?

    I guess I just need to be more active on it to catch on, but as yet, I don’t really get it.

  • Chas,

    The thing about Twitter is, it really isn’t meant to be a conversation even though it can be. As with most things on the web, it’s all about garnering attention.

    Having said that, if you use the favorites sparringly, I have only 5 people in my favs, it’s much easier to keep up with what’s going on with each of them.

    Also, there’s no rule that you must follow everyone following you. I have 36 followers but only follow about 20 of em.

  • And relax… the podcast is back 🙂

    Some interesting Twitter stuff in this one. I think I’ve managed to manage my account fairly well – I don’t have loads of followers and I try not to post Facebook-style status updates, so as far as I know I haven’t lost any followers.

    To keep things relevant to your followers can sometimes be difficult though – I mean, what do Kevin Breuner and my video-editing friend have in common? Well, for a start they’ve both got a connection to my music – one films videos for me and the other helps sell the stuff. I think that’s the key, trying to find a common ground so you post tweets that are usually relevant to the majority of your followers. Recently I’ve been a little random so this podcast helped me remember to stay interesting and relevant.

    The use of Twitter as a quote feed is an excellent idea and one I shall be incorporating into my website as soon as I get the chance.

    Oh, and Kevin – still designing the pedal! Rehearsing, recording, photoshoots etc. keep getting in the way but it’s slowly taking shape…

  • So great to have you guys back!

  • Well… you was back… autumn break already??

  • OK, I’m jonesin’ for a new episode again!

    I’m sorry that you guys are having to spend so much time on the BBS and dealing with the flood of customer service requests…

    How ’bout discussing in a upcoming Podcast what is going on behind the scenes with the (somewhat disasterous) Re-launch?

    I’ve been hoping, for everybody’s sake, that things would get sorted out in a reasonable length of time, but after two months now I’m starting to loose faith.

    My biggest concern is that it can’t be “just coincidence” that so many artists are reporting huge drops in sales and streams since July.


  • Hey guys, Just listened to this episode again. I’ve been thinking about this whole streaming idea a lot lately and come to the conclusion that while it’s interesting, it may not be feasable for most artists.

    In my case for example, my ISP limits bandwidth usage. It seems like a huge number but, streaming live would chew that allocation up very quickly.

    That aside, I’ve noticed that the majority of those doing this kind of thing are either keyboard players or guitarists using loopers.

    Again, using my own situation, none of my material is loop based nor could it be done solo in a live stream. I suspect a large number of this podcasts listeners are in much the same situation.