#075: The Holidays are here – Make YOUR Music a Holiday Hit!

We’ve been making our list and checking it twice!  Let the CD Baby Podcasters fill your stockings with indie tips and tricks.  In this episode, Kevin, Chris and Bolton discuss the impending holiday season, and how to best position your music to take advantage of the shopping blitz.  The tips come from CD Baby’s Artist Holiday Planning Guide that you can download here.

What are your plans for this holiday season?  Trying something new or doing something out of the ordinary?  Please share in the comments section below!


  • Nice episode guys and some good tips for selling durring the holidays.

    One thing you didn’t mention that would be really helpful both to artists and holiday shoppers would be for artists to more clearly spell out who their audience is.

    A folk artist for example might do well to mention his/her music would be a good fit for fans of Dylan, Guthrie etc. While a hard rock artist might point out that their stuff is a great fit for fans of Zeppelin or Deep Purple for example.

    That sort of very direct targeting would be very useful for just about everyone looking to buy music for friends/family. Just make sure you mention bands you really would fit in with in a playlist:)

    Personally, I do very little with regards to music in December. Every year, as I have since 1980, I remember the passing of John Winston Lennon and sadly as of 2004, also “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott. Two artist who influenced me greatly in very different ways.

    Anyway, enjoyed the podcast, though I found the Silent Night tune a bit creepy. Why is a song that’s celebratory in nature so dark?

  • I just called in for the first time. Thanks for your gift, the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve listened to every single podcast. SO much insightful info. I recently released my 6th album (film score to Everything’s Jake starring Ernie Hudson) on cdbaby / itunes, which is my first digital only release. I just submitted my 7th album to cdbaby yesterday, “(short) film music volume one”, a compilation of my music for short film over the last two years. (I’m hoping it will be up before Xmas. Hey, better Nov. 23 then Dec. 23 right?) My call mentioned the allure of interesting and unique yet likely searched words in titles. I have instrumental tracks and song titles that have sold tracks to new fans who discovered my music because of the words in the title of the song.
    Ok, ok, so, this podcast has inspired me, it’s time for me to do covers. I recently discovered all of Radiohead’s covers on youtube. Also, I’m checking all the links on my site today. Vouchers off joy to my new releases going out soon. Happy holidays! Keep up the great work.

    Rock hard, rock free!


  • hey gents, long-time troll/first-time commenter …

    i missed this episode, just catching it tonight, and was inspired to gush; you guys are usually on-point with your roundtable discussions, but several of the Top Ten items really resonated.

    i’ve got no CD releases on the horizon, as my new venture is still green, but i’ve adopted/adapted several of the CDBDIYMP suggestions and am anxious to see how they play out in rallying a few fans this holiday season.

    thanks – as always – for the creative insights and honest conversation.

    hope all’s calm,
    /phil, The Anomaly Sound

  • Hi,

    I’m enjoying the Podcast. I just joined CD Baby and I’m glad I did. I love all the cool tools, tips and info. I’m doing a Christmas show on Christmas Day at a club where they’re having 9 birthday parties. Since I just came out with my 1st album this works great for me. I paid the club $100 to let me do a show. This way I get to entertain their guests, build fans and hopefully sell some CDs.

  • This is a little off-topic, but a nice Xmas present for me would be if the podcast added a female member again. It is nice to have a woman’s perspective from time to time. Just sayin’.