#083: Roundtable – News, reviews, and a special offer

freeprizeHeard the Buzz about Google Buzz? How about the case of the disappearing music Blogs on Blogger?  The Podcasters discuss these topics, share some stories from their own music adventures and revisit last weeks interview with Brian Mazzaferi from I Fight Dragons.  Plus your calls and emails AND a very special offer from CD Baby just for our Podcast listening audience.


  • Always a good discussion on the DIY podcast! Also, can’t speak for everyone, but I’d be interested in hearing the parts of the interview with Brian Mazzaferi that got cut — it was a great discussion, didn’t feel long at all.

  • I was so excited to hear that you guys used my phone call on this episode! Thank you for the answer. It definitely eased my worries a bit, and THE BOLT threw down some good knowledge. Niiiiiiice…

    Yall rock. Can’t wait for the next one.

    And I agree with Neil. I was thinking the same thing as I listened. I’d love to hear the rest of that last interview too.
    I wouldn’t mind if these podcasts were 3 hours.

  • Hey guys
    I’ve been listening to the podcast since episode one without missing a show. How many hours is that I wonder?

    Anyways, I wanted to say thank you for all the free wealth of knowledge you unselfishly offer on a regular basis. I can imagine all the time and energy it takes to do this and you don’t get paid for it. Then to go out and manage to get us download cards at half price from your company is beyond the call of duty in my eyes. The independent community is extremely fortunate to have you guys exploring this crazy business along with us and sharing any information and help you can.

    I proudly wear the CD baby DIY podcast T-shirt around Japan!


    Kelly Pettit

  • Do you deliver the download cards to the UK guys? If so, we’re interested.

    I’ve signed up with Radar Music Videos and so far have had one treatment submission from a director. I set a budget of £180-200, which is around $300. The deadline for treatments is 31st March so I’ll keep you posted on the progress. Funnily enough, the director studies in the same city as our trombonist’s son, yet had never heard of us until he read our brief.

    If we get a great video out of it we’ve got you guys to thank. Again. I’m almost getting bored of thanking you 😀

  • Hi All,
    Just catching up on some podcasts… regarding email marketing, I use a company called Aweber (www.aweber.com) and I love it. (I switched from Constant Contact.) Aweber has great analytics, helps you reduce spam (shows you what to fix, too), and it lets you do auto responders. (On my website, if you sign up for my email news, you get a free download, and Aweber kicks that email back to the new signup instantly.)
    Also, I focus on opt-in only emails. i.e. even if someone signs up for my list at a show, they have to confirm that they signed up when they get the first email. Kind of a pain, but my open rate is crazy high because of it.
    Love the podcast – thanks guys!
    Kerri Lee Smith