#084: Strategic partnerships for your music

A strategic partnership is a relationship between the artist/band and a company that wants to use music in a way that enhances the products they promote.  With all the doom and gloom about the music industry that’s out there, the one big positive that usually gets overshadowed is that music consumption is at an all time high.  Businesses, companies, and organizations all recognize that fact, and they’re turning to music to help sell their products.  The company gets great music to help their branding, and the artist gets access to a much larger audience.  In this episode, you’re going to hear from two different independent artists that used a strategic partnership to help move their music career forward.  The first is Steve from the band Hullabaloo and the second is Lisa Lynne, who had an amazing partnership opportunity land in her lap after simply listing her album on CD Baby for sale.  We hope these stories get your creative wheels spinning on new ways you can reach people with your music.

You can hear Hulabaloo here – http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Hullabaloo

Lisa Lynne can be found here – http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/LisaLynne

  • I just love Lisa Lynne!!! Great story. Hope she can sell a million more!

  • Kathleen Clark

    Lisa Lynne is a wonderful and talented musician. Her music is superb, full of care and magic. Thank you for interviewing her and allowing us to be a part of her journey. Very informative and uplifting.

  • Interesting episode. Lisa’s tale was particularly fascinating as ultimately it sounded like she wasn’t too happy with the way things went – even though they obviously went very well.

    Likewise with Steve I guess – although the campaign was doing okay it sounded like it wasn’t doing as well as he’d hoped. I think though, that Steve’s previous campaign had a lot to do with the time of year.

    We’ve sort of got a loose partnership with a British microphone manufacturer called Newmann Retro. It’s nothing special – and certainly not a business agreement – but we used one of their microphones during the recording of our E.P., Five Songs For Oscar (available at CD Baby, just click my name).

    We let them put a track on their website to demonstrate the mic and hope that we get some fans that way. Likewise, I’ve mentioned them on our Facebook page and will readily recommend them to fellow musicians, something I’d do anyway as I really rate their products.

    Next step is an endorsement deal! I can but dream…

  • As usual I really loved the podcast and found it useful. They are both great stories.

    I am commenting today because I have had a few partnerships over the years with companies and thought my experiences may be of use to another artist or band.

    Several years ago I was approached by a Canadian clothing company called ORB. Over the years they have worked my music into their promotions in many way. They had a download card (with one of my songs on it) as their hang tags on their clothes. They have streamed my music on their site, given my CD’s away with certain promotions and have featured video and music of mine in their store. They have also been sponsors of events I have put on and have given me clothes for myself and for give-aways that I could use in contests etc. They made me their first “Orb Girl” and took photos of me in their clothes and at shows. I was in their catalog/look book and I am featured on their website here:

    If you go to their website my song is playing in the video on the front page here: http://www.orbclothing.ca/index.html

    I have definitely made a few fans due to Orb and I have really enjoyed working with them.

    Many years ago a friend and I partnered with an art house theatre in Vancouver. They agreed to play our music in their theatre before the films. We could not afford to buy into the programs at big theatres so we approached a smaller indie theatre. We were their first artists to be part of this program (I think they just played commercial radio in the station prior to this). They made their own pre-recorded “radio” program and they would play our songs and then say who the artist was and a bit of bio info and where the CD could be found. They had us perform at a customer appreciation day at their theatre and allowed us to promote our music in their lobby with tasteful flyers etc. They even allowed us to sell our CD’s one night at the theatre. This worked out very well for us and for the theatre. Other artists, artist managers and local labels later got involved and a whole program developed at the theatre with local music. Someone from Nettwerk (a label I was later signed to) heard one of my songs playing in the theatre and wrote to me to say he was impressed. I still hear from some of the people who signed up on my mailing list at that theatre.

    The theatre idea was largely the brain-child of my friend Paula Toledo (who is a marketing genius as well as an artist). We wanted to reach our target audience which we thought was people like us – people who go to art films. We wanted to reach people who may not be out late and may not come to see us at clubs. So it might be a good idea to think of places where people like you go and hang out and maybe out can go to your potential fans instead of trying to get them to come to you. Maybe they go bowling or to arcades or…I don’t know…malls, museums, botanical gardens. See if you can go to non-traditional venues and perform and sell your CD’s etc. I think I am going to take my own advice and think of some new places I could play.

    Here is the link to my friend Paula Toledo’s website http://www.paulatoledo.com

    Thanks CD BABY for continuing to make my favorite podcast
    Adrienne Pierce

  • This is great i liked both success stories. Still on the grind personaly , trying to take advantage of everything comming our way. Cdbaby.com/all/numone Cdbaby.com/cd/countryboy1,2,3,4,5,6 or 7