#106: Roundtable – For Love or Money?

Love or Money

In the News: There’s a new baby in town and her name is BookBaby. Apple makes lots and lots of money. MySpace cuts half its staff. MTV has something new up its sleeve and it (apparently) involves music.

In this episode Kevin and the Bolt discuss an article written by their fellow podcaster, Chris Robley, on the DIY Musician Blog.  The article, “Should artists have to work a second job?” stirred up quite a few opinions and stories in the comments section of the blog. These stories and others are shared as Kevin and the Bolt explore the frustrations that many artists feel when their hard work fails to produce hard cash.

  • Many years ago I envisioned orchestras reading their music electronically and turning pages with a foot controller so they could keep their hands on their instruments. Turning pages by hand always seemed awkward and impractical to me. I was once enlisted to turn pages for an organist during a Bach organ concert and thought to myself “there has got to be a better way!” I never pursued developing a prototype because a) I had no money for it and b) classical musicians are notoriously resistant to change. I mean, look how old most of the music they play is for crying out loud. Get with the times, people!!!

  • The BookBaby thing really sounds great! Any chance of a BookBaby DIY Author Podcast starting any time soon? I would SO subscribe.

  • Mozart did not come from a well to do family. His father was a composer. The money they had was from Wolfgang’s career as a child performer. He died poor because they didn’t share it with him.

  • why isn’t anyone arguing about the “2nd job” idea?
    alright i’ll get it started. for the most part, yes. musicians and artists need to have a day job. it builds character. also it helps eliminate the posers who are doing it to get rich. they tend to quit early and get a real job when they see how hard it is. i’m not saying that i like it, i’d rather play my own music for a job. it’s a question of holding on the longest i guess. i think kenny rogers said it best… “and who knows maybe on some special night, if my song is right, i might find a way”

  • oh and by the way where is the link to the “guide to releasing your album” or whatever it’s called. i have 2 albums i’m releasing this year, and i could use the help.

  • Joe,

    Wrong. Wolfgang’s father was a music director, not a composer. As for Wolfgang dying poor, yes he did but by his own actions. He decided to remain in Vienna and lost his post at court as a result. He also composed more than 600 pieces including the largely unfinished Requiem.

  • The main problem with asking when an artist “should” get paid is that makes the conversation hypothetical and ideal.
    more pragmatic is to ask when and how an artist actually *does* get paid, something the podcast usually addresses quite well.

  • I found a page to “guide to releasing your album” or whatever it’s called, where you have to enter your email and nothing happens so i didn’t get this ebook. But i’d love to check it out. Another thing – why do you guys never talk about soundcloud? it’s such a great website for musicians to put their music on, use those really nice flash players and a lot more.

  • As Jpeck said, the whole 2 job thing works as a natural filter. Only the ones who manage to handle their life and their art at the same time and are good enough on the second to succeed, do. Its been like that since the dawn of civilization and its worked great ever since, no need to change it. This coming from a guy who lives in a single room apartment and works 10 hours in a day job apart from making music, not some rich dude who can spend all his time composing.