#108: Roundtable – Your Best Music Career Stories

Thievery, Revenge, and Karate moves gone wrong! In this episode of the DIY musician podcast, musician share their stories of triumph, hilarity and defeat. Find out who wins the grand prize for best music career story and walks away with a free duplication package from CD Baby. Join Kevin, Chris, and The Bolt as they discuss happenings in the music industry and share your emails and stories.  You won’t want to miss this episode!


    I’ve got a project in the works with my band “West of Ustick” so this win couldn’t have come at a better time.

    Thank you guys I’ll be sure to put this to good use 😀

  • Thank you for the entertaining podcast and for mentioning my story. I loved hearing about all the hilarious things that happen to artists and think this was a tremendous way to be encouraging to DIY musicians!

    Congratulations to all the winners and a big hug to the podcasters. We love you guys.

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  • Great show, very entertaining. My favorite story was the tale of the stolen van.

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  • Hey guys! Great show – and thanks, glad you liked my story….it was totally worth the humiliation now 🙂

    Loved everyone’s stories, and it was a very entertaining show – I’d love to hear more in the future, I’ve always enjoyed the ‘horror stories’ that people used to send in fairly regularly.

    Thanks Again!
    Stevie Z

  • Really enjoyed hearing others worst/best stories. You should do again and next time give people more than 2 weeks notice. Some of us don’t use Apple products and due to the non-regular schedule of the show and lack elist, don’t know when another one will be posted. Was excited that I could find out about new episodes via Feedburner! But never recieved a single email and now its not even on your site anymore? I’ve found Feedburner to be good for getting updates from another blog and plan to switch our bands elist from yahoogroups to feedburner. Am sad and curios why you gave up on FB. One would think you’d have a mailing list of some sort (if not FB) to let those that don’t use iTunes/Apple know you’ve finally posted a new episode. (Btw, don’t care about Ipad news, don’t know any struggling musicians who can afford a $500 cell phone with a big screen and apps that you buy can be removed at the whim of Apple.)

  • You can delete or edit my prior post. I now see you still have feedburner subsription on your site and that the downside of feedburner is that it often goes to spam and people never activate and think they it just doesn’t work or owner never sends news.


    PS I still think you are a bit too pro-piracy/not-quite-anti-piracy and that you are a bit too cultish about Apple without mentioning the con’s. (Note I’m no fan of Microsoft, nor Dell, HP, etc. All of these companies do underhanded shit that we should call them on.) Otherwise enjoy the show and like that you are willing to take criticism.