#110: Roundtable – The Music Cloud Wars Begin!

Do you believe in music in the cloud? Well it’s coming whether the record labels like it or not. In this episode, the podcasters discuss a recent flurry of tech and music news involving all your favorite barroom buddies: iTunes, Amazon, Google, Facebook and your estranged uncle Frank. Kevin and the Bolt get philosophical while discussing last weeks interview with marketing guru, Seth Godin. And don’t miss the phone calls from our podtastic audience of talented musicians: That’s you!

Our article on how to change your Facebook personal profile to an artist band page is HERE.


  • The discussion on the cloud based music services fails to take into account their one big
    failing, no local storage and without internet access, that music does not exist. The
    second problem, is that each of these services has their own custom player software
    which negates portability, even on the scattered Android platform. Another big
    disadvantage is that accessing and playing your music in the cloud chews up expensive
    bandwidth, not to mention air charges from the various cell providers.

    On the plus-one deal with Google, considering they cannot even manage to produce
    a single product that actually works consistently, I see this as a non starter. As for
    the social networking aspect of it, sorry, no. Google is used for searching not for

    Your caller Mason Douglas mentioned how he found better success being able to better explain
    or tell the story about his songs, while that might be useful in Nashville, it isn’t the norm most
    other places. Attention spans are far too short for that in most regions. Consumers need to get
    what the song is about, for them, not for the artist. No-one really cares what the song means
    to the artist/songwriter.

    In fact, Diane Warren spent quite a few pages in one of her songwriting books going into the
    matter and her (multiplatinum selling, multi-grammy winning, etc. songwriter) take on it
    was more tell it in the song, not outside of the song.

    My take on it is similar, don’t bore me with why or how you came to write the some, effect me
    on some emotional level with your song. Fail that, and you’ve lost a potential fan.

    This is where bands like Coldplay, Radiohead, Kings Of Leon and even to some extent U2
    fail miserably for me. I hear their music and frankly just don’t feel anything. Build me up,
    tear me down. Make me choke up over an evocative emotional image or just pump me
    up with a hard driving tune and I’m there. Fail that, c’ya I’m outta there.

  • I created my Amazon MP3 cloud player while listening. I’d heard about it but the podcast pushed me over the edge to set it up. Bunch of free tunes to get you started at this link.

    Even better, it’s a free hard drive to upload all my own music so I’ve got all my tracks available all the time. I’m going to upload old rehearsal tapes, too. A great resource for universally accessible storage.

  • “…we’ll have a situation again where we descend into Myspace.” haha

  • I hope you guys do another podcast soon. It’s been a few weeks right? I know breaks are needed somtimes. Look forward to more.

  • Great info guys!!
    Thanks and best of luck to the musician in the room!!