#113: Roundtable – Why YouTube Pulled Your Video and Other Music Mysteries Solved

iTunes releases juicy details about iTunes Match, a service that some say “legalizes piracy” and others say “monetizes it.” Pandora’s public offering doesn’t fair well for the popular music streaming company. Facebook starts randomly changing things and Kevin (and others) get upset. The Podcaster discuss getting a Wikipedia musician page in relation to this article: How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Band/Music

A podcast listener shares an interesting email about the dangers of getting your music videos pulled from YouTube and the podcasters discuss this and other copyright issues on YouTube.

Plus lots of other tips, anecdotes, listener calls and bad jokes by Kevin, Chris and the Bolt.

Have you ever had a video pulled from YouTube or a page pulled from Wikipedia? Share your stories in the comments below.



  • Anonymous

    Pat Metheny did an album commentary. I think you can hear it at his podcast. 

  • Cool. What is the podcast called. Do you know?

    -The Bolt

  • Andrew Rostas

    In response to your comment about the album commentary – I think it’s a cool idea.  After all, you get them on movies & and know that Valve (games developer) have done a number of releases were you can play the game and have points of interaction (usually a spinning icon) which when you interact with them, you get some commentary about either an aesthetic aspect, technical detail or a story from when the game was in production.  I know I found a number of these things interesting when I went back through and played the Half Life Series again.

    With an album that I was involved with, we did something similar, but a little different.  The idea was to create little 15-40 second snippets from the recording process which gave a little bit of insight as to what songs were being recorded, some back stories and some funny moments.  We uploaded them every week (1 per week) leading up to the digital launch of the album (which can be found here http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/timothycannon1).  I thought this was a really cool idea but I guess our timing was a little off as the videos didn’t get many views.  Hopefully we can use them more successfully for the full blown release.

    I put them into a youtube playlist so that they are easy to find and use again once we organise the physical release.  For anyone who is interested, they can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=PLBDB97AC015CAE0BC

    Love the podcast,


  • Awesome Andrew. Thanks! Checking out your vids presently. Great work. You may find they receive more interest once people of hear the fully produced album. It’s always cool to go back and see how something was made after you’ve fallen in love with it.

    The Bolt

  • Am I the only one that thought this episode’s volume was way too low?  It was lightly raining in the car, and I couldn’t make out what they were saying half the time.  Get closer to the microphone or pick up the volume.  Would rather hear some background hiss if needed instead of indecipherable mumbling.

  • Guys – the audio level has been really low for at least the last 2 podcasts.

    Re iTunes in the cloud – I’m surprised no one has raised the possible downsides for us as consumers. You are essentially giving you music collections to Apple. What about the day when they decide to change terms, price structures, or heaven forbid just crash and lose all your files/data? Worst case scenario for many – what if they/or someone else decides to trawl through all your collections and identify which files they deem to be illegally copied and take legal action?

    Sorry to come across like a conspiracy theory nut. Apple is capable of making the same errors and unnanounced changes as the YouTube and FB ones mentioned in this podcast.

    My attitude is “take my personal info and bank details but touch my music collection and die!!!!!!

  • We’ll make it louder next time Matt!

    And yes there are some risks that users take when they sign up to the service, but Apple’s prime objective is to make a service that people “want” to signup to. If there is danger of legal repercussions, it will deter many users.

  • Aidy

    Hey, big fan of the podcast to the extent where myself and a couple of friends have decided to kick off our own DIY Musician’s podcast in the UK with a slight bias towards the UK market, radio stations, publications and venues etc.. just got the first episode out there and we’ve already got some great guests sorted out for future shows. You can check us out at: http://failedband.podbean.com/

    Aidy 🙂

  • Steve

    New Podcast??? Hello….is there anybody in there?

  • Coming soon! We’re recording one this week. Sorry we’ve been busy

  • Awesome Aidy. We’ll check it out 🙂

    The Bolt

  • Anonymous

    Missing the podcast guys. Starting to forget what the name of Kevin’s band is again. 🙁

  • Goodbye Monday, I think . . .

    New episode coming soon!