#114: Roundtable – Summer of Changes in Music

guitar in sunlightWe’re back! And with all sorts of news, tips and artist feedback.

In the news: Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple. Wildly popular UK music streaming service, Spotify launches in the US. MySpace promises a relaunch that will compete with the likes of iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Google+ launches a music blog and more!

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Videos from Kevin’s musical trip  to Africa are HERE.

YouTube xylophone mentioned in podcast

Photo: RossBelmont

  • He’s baack!  Robert Lee King here. Can’t sign in for some odd reason
    likely a change in the forum software. Anyway, after a long time not 
    listening, I tuned in for this episode. Good show, a bit light on content
    but, good show.

  • John Bartmann

    Welcome back guys, could you post the link to the interactive xylophone thing you mentioned?

  • Thanks Robert! Glad you’re back. Glad we’re back!

    The Bolt

  • Ronnie Marler

    Welcome back

  • Thanks Ronnie!

  • Thanks Aaron! I think Sony must just have embedding turned-off on their YouTube page. Anyone can do this, it’s just a way of limiting distribution. But it’s kinda annoying when you just want to watch the video 🙂

  • Sodacon

    People need to quit complaining and just enjoy the podcast. My word it’s crazy there’s no reason for complaining it’s an excellent program. 

  • Thanks Sodacon!

    The Bolt