#115: Kristin Thomson – How Do You Make Money From Music?

The Future of Music Coalition is conducting an online survey from Sept 6 – Oct 28, 2011 to gather crucial information about the ways that US-based musicians and composers are currently generating income from songs, recordings or performances, and how this has changed over the past five years.  Kristin Thomson joins us from the FMC to discuss why it’s so important we have good data to properly represent how artists and musicians are making money.

To take the survey at the FMC website, Click HERE.

  • It’s so sad that you had to go to a guest who hasn’t been in the biz since 1998.
    This woman doesn’t know her anus from a hole in the ground but you guys in Portland
    are well, ignorant enough, to have her as a guest… This is why I stopped listening to this
    podcast in the first place. If you cannot or will not produce content relevant to the real
    world, you too, are irrelevent

  • Ronnie Marler

    I took the survey, it was prety long, but got me thinking about my streams (or drip-lines as the case may be) I make the majority of my money from shows and CD sales at shows. It would be nice if all the effort I put forth on line would pay off.

  • Anonymous

    Looking over FMC’s list of 29 Artist Revenue Streams (http://futureofmusic.org/blog/2009/10/14/29-streams)—I was struck that it could be converted into a task list of things to do when releasing a song or CD. Example: you need to plan for retail sales (physical recordings) and digital sales (downloads)—how and with who are you going to do that with. You might want to look at having sheet music for people to cover your songs. You want to license your song with ASCAP/BMI/SESAC; register your songs with SoundExhange, arrange for AARC royalties for digital recordings of your songs; submit songs (AFM payments) for recordings to be used on TV and other sources… etc. For touring: create merch for sales; financial support through RocketHub; arrange ad revenue from website/Facebook/YouTube.

    Obviously this would not be done with every song or CD—one would pick and choose what is needed. However, we at Tai Shan Music, have found that we sometimes forget, miss a step or are late with various parts of our music projects. Certainly looking over FMC’s list we are missing use of various revenue possibilities. So my question is has anyone seen or created such a “what to do” list???

    Ron Kesecker—TaiShanMusic.com

  • Robertleeking

    Bass Bob,

    I came back to listening episode before this one. As for my opinion, well, the same can be said of anyone’s opinion, including yours. That aside, I opted to leave a no comment, comment instead of pointing out the complete waste of time this interview and the survey in question are. Why, because it is pointless attempting to educate those whom simply do not know, they do not know.

  • Ronnie Marler

    “CDBaby, We miss you when you’re gone.”
    Sung to the tune of Fountains of Wayne’s Halley’s Waitress
    It’s been so long
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    We miss you when you’re gone
    So long
    So long
    Darling don’t you know
    We miss you when you’re gone

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