#122: Steve Rennie – An Artist Manager’s Story

Steve Rennie Artist ManagerSteve Rennie is a long time industry veteran who helped the band Incubus reach multi-platinum status. Now that Incubus is on hiatus, Steve is working to help independent artists learn about the biz with his website and video series at http://www.renmanmb.com. Learn about the artist management from the inside-out and take advantage of the insights from an artist manager that loves offering advice to independent artists.

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  • Thanks Kevin, Nice to meet you Renman, Great content in this show.
    #IfIWasKim I would already have a great manager.

  • Really enjoyed this interview – sometimes people with years of industry experience that can come across as real dicks but Steve carries his obviously authority lightly which made him a pleasure to learn from. Will definitely be checking out his site.

    My only other comment is that Kevin’s voice sounded ‘pitched up’ ?!?! Were the batteries running out on your cassette recorder or have you been hitting the helium again bro?


  • kbreuner


    My voice sounded that way because it was recorded at SXSW. Too much talking and other things.

  • Kevin and Steve, thanks for a great interview. As a young manager myself, I really appreciate your mission. The spot about telling a story and promoting it to fans gave me a chuckle because I’m always telling bands, “This biz is about selling. If you won’t do it, no-one else will.” I’ll start tagging that with, “Just listen to Steve Rennie’s podcast.” Thanks again.

  • kbreuner

    You are welcome! Glad you enjoyed the show.