#125: Roundtable – How Much Are Musicians Paid to Play?

live-musicIn the news: Pandora’s controversial tactics to reduce what they pay artists. Japan is poised to take the lead as world’s biggest music seller. And Amazon releases its first “Cities That Rock List” a compilation of US cities that sell the most music.

In this episode we asked CD Baby musicians how much they get paid when they gig. Find out what what your fellow musicians are getting paid and get tips on how to make more money from your gigs and choose gigs that pay more than others. If you’re looking to make more than just drink tickets at your next gig, this episode is for you.

Let us know how much you get paid or ask us a question we can answer on the show.

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  • Jesse Crawford

    When you perform at bars it’s all about the alcohol and never about the band. My 2 cents, add it to the yearly music downloading revenue 😉

  • Observer298

    What does that mean? What city are you in and what do the bars pay?

  • Eric John Kaiser

    Great roundtable episode. FYI gigs at the Portland Airport are not paid gigs. CD sales and tips only. I also love the last story you told on the episode. Last Call! How Ironic. Very funny!

    Thanks for all your hard work, it’s very helpful.

    Eric John Kaiser
    “French Troubadour”

  • robert symons

    I used to play steel pan in departures at the Bermuda International Airport.
    Although it was not a paying gig, I did get a lot of gigs out of it and people that I’ve met in my travels years later remarked how much they appreciated their time waiting for their flight.
    This is a concept that can work well in such places as airpots as the experience can be at times stressful. Perhaps Airport Operations and or the local chamber of commerce and tourism authority can provide funding for such things and pay us.