#127: Roundtable – The Pandora Problem

Pandora Radio royalty debatePandora is one of the most popular internet radio apps available. Loved and listened to by millions, Pandora is also at the center of a heated debate about music streaming royalties. Pandora argues they are unfairly forced to pay royalties way above what terrestrial radio pays, while artist rights organizations believe artists and labels deserve every penny. Join the podcasters as they explore this sticky issue and offer their own insights. What are your thoughts on The Pandora Problem? Let us know in the comments below or give us a ring and leave a message 360.524.2209.


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  • davekingmusic

    I’ve submitted my music to Pandora a couple of times and they’ve turned me down. My music is available everywhere else (including Spotify), but Pandora doesn’t seem to want it. What’s up with that?

  • Wow. You knocked it out of the park with this one. Felt the lightbulb go on! Never thought about the difference in money per broadcast vs money per listener…

  • kbreuner

    Thanks Matt!

    Nothing but top quality reporting from the DIY Musician Podcast ;). Seriously though, while we don’t claim to be copyright experts, I think much of the backlash about Pandora is based on some wrong assumptions. The number of people hearing a stream being one of them.

    Glad you enjoyed the episode!


  • kbreuner

    That is one point that frustrates artists about Pandora. Even when they have a couple of your albums, they still might reject a future release. I think it’s the big downside of them building all the song metadata by real humans. They just can’t accept everything. It would take an army of people to ever get it live on the site.

  • I’d love to hear a follow up on Spotify as A) Thom Yorke et al and B) we can’t even get Pandora in the UK!