#141: Gretchen Peters – From Songwriter to Performer

Gretchen Peters is a Grammy nominated, Nashville singer-songwriter who has always been fiercely independent and true to her own vision. In fact, she’s managed to retain ownership of all her music. Gretchen began her career as a songwriter in Nashville, but struggled at first to gain success as a performer (who also performed original music)….

#140: Roundtable – The Biggest Album launch in History?

In this edition of the remarkably entertaining and educational DIY Musician Podcast, The Bolt has a baby, Kevin launches a fan funding campaign (and gains a few grey hairs in the process) and the Podcasters discuss the surprise album release by U2. U2 partnered with Apple to give all iTunes users free access to their…

#139: Jack Conte – Turning fans into patrons

Jack Conte

Jack Conte became well known for being half of the musical duo that makes up the band Pomlamoose. A few years back Pomplamoose burst onto the scene through the usage of YouTube and “video songs.” You can hear more about that video song concept in episode 96 of our podcast. In this episode, Jack is…