#139: Jack Conte – Turning fans into patrons

Jack Conte Jack Conte became well known for being half of the musical duo that makes up the band Pomlamoose. A few years back Pomplamoose burst onto the scene through the usage of YouTube and “video songs.” You can hear more about that video song concept in episode 96 of our podcast.

In this episode, Jack is back with a new concept and a new company called Patreon. With the desire to find a simple way for Pomplamoose to collect a small amount of money from fans every time a new video is released, Jack decided to build his own solution. The result was www.Patreon.com . Patreon helps artists turn fans into patrons, who support them monetarily whenever new art is released.

If you’ve been considering the different fan funding models out there, this is definitely one to check out.

Link to previous episode Jack was on:

Patreon: http://www.patreon.com

  • I’m so excited about this! Halfway through it and enjoying it muchly. It was your podcast with Jack a while ago which introduced me to patreon, which has now become a centrepiece of my community and growth as a modern troubadour. Thanks!!!

  • So now that I’ve finished listening to the podcast I’d thought I’d weigh in again, as you were asking for feedback from people using Patreon. For me personally, as a modern troubadour, it has already revolutionised how I’m able to move through the world. Suddenly there is this group of people around the world stepping up and saying “We value your art, here’s some money, please just keep making art.” It’s a pretty wild experience and I’m totally loving it!

    Some challenges for me: it’s really emotional when people leave. I can’t help but take it personally…but I’m working on letting it go. The flip side is that the patrons are literally the nicest people on planet earth. They’re so kind, so loving, so supportive. It’s just incredible. I’m kinda worried it’s gonna make me lazy, hehe.

    I’m reaaaaaally excited for Patreon to introduce new features as we move forward. I want everything I need to be integrated into that one platform, like live streaming, time-based powerups, etc etc.

    It’s great to be a part of it from this early stage though, loving it.

    Anyway, that’s a bit of what I feel about Patreon 😀