#142: Roundtable – The Coolest Fan Funding Campaign


Welcome to the “coolest” episode of the DIY Musician Podcast. In the news, YouTube has paid out over a billion dollars in content ID revenue, Bono apologizes for assaulting your iPhone with his new album, and Pandora launches AMP. In other news, one of our beloved podcasters is leaving the show (sniff). Listen and pay your respects to the man with many names. Also, join the podcasters for a lively discussion about the runaway Kickstarter hit, The Coolest Cooler. What does the Coolest have to do with music marketing? You’ll have to listen in to find out.

Mentioned in this podcast:

Cialdini’s 6 principles of Influence

  • Karen Marie Mason

    There is a mix up here. This is Gretchen’s interview.

  • Adam_B_Harris

    Agreed, wrong podcast guys.

  • kbreuner

    Sorry guys! It’s fixed now.

  • Adam_B_Harris

    When I first started listening to the podcast I was ropable that there was somebody on the show that had the gall to call himself “The Bolt”. Then I went back to episode 1 and listened to the back story of why it all happened and decided that I liked “The Bolt”. When I saw the 100th episode that was filmed I had a change of heart when I saw “The Bolt” and decided I didn’t like him again. Now I am sorry he has gone and will miss him. Good luck with it Chris.

  • Robert Lee King

    Must be something in the water in Portland. While the cooler appears to be well made, it is neither novel nor a product that will sell well over time. Coolers meet a need, storing and keeping cold, food and beverages. Many modern coolers also offer separate compartments to keep items cool but dry as well as lighting. The blender is a ludicrous addition. Mixed drinks while out at the beach or a park? Really? In most places, even beer is illegal in public places like beaches and parks.

    Sorry to see Chris/Robert/whatever go. Still miss Jordan’s contributions to the podcast long ago. I wish the bolt well in his new endeavors.

    As an aside, I just saw cdbaby’s youtube commercial… Well done if you’re trying to reach artists. A huge mistake if you are trying to reach potential customers for the music you sell.

    As to Cialdini’s principles of influence. This is why people in marketing, are in marketing. Them that can, do. Them that can’t or won’t, teach. Marketers are no different. If it really worked, the secrets of marketing would remain secrets and be used by those who claim to know them. Its the same thing with financial planners. The first question anyone should ask someone else claiming to be able to help them earn more, do more, have more, is, what do you earn, do, have. There are darn few rich financial planners. Even fewer wealthy marketing “experts”. There are plenty of both who will sell you a book or seminar however.

    As for Pandora and her streaming ilk, don’t care. Don’t use any of them. If I want to hear radio, I do a very simple thing. I turn on a radio. Music discovery? Seriously? Who, outside of marketeers or people seeking to profit from the use of the “discovered” music even care about finding new artists? I don’t. If I hear a song I like, I look for the song. I don’t give a rats behind about the artist. If I hear many songs I like and they happen to be the same artist, then, and only then, do I care about the artist. I’d submit most human beings are essentially of the same mind on this.

    Record labels aren’t dying because there’s no interest in music or even no desire to pay for music. They are dying because they deliver crap.

    And this whole crowd funding nonsense is just sad. Busking is one thing, actively begging people to support something not even yet available is just begging. I have no respect for any individual, no matter whom they may be, that engages in any such activity. I’d rather never sell a single track and work a day job than beg for strangers, fans or not, to pay my way.

    I’m an old guy. I still believe in paying my own way. If you don’t, you aren’t an artist, you’re a leech.

  • Kent Johnson

    Hi guys,

    I recently came across your site and am enjoying searching through the archives and finding some gold nugget episodes to listen to while I work my day job. Had an idea about a possible show topic related to an experience a band I follow had on the road recently. The John Mark McMillan band was robbed outside of St Louis while they were eating lunch right before the west coast leg of their current Are We All Animals tour. I think it’d be great to do a show on protecting your gear while touring and possibly hear some stories of people who had gear stolen (and stories of recovery if there are any out there). A side story to this one would be stolen gear on C-list – how to ID, what to look for, how to recover stolen gear.

    Thanks for putting on a great show!


    Kent Johnson

  • Henrique

    Hi guys, I’m really glad to hear you talking about Cialdini’s work. I recently read his book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” and I can tell you it’s a terrific read. Those six key principles are explained in much more details, and he goes to show how each of them can be enhanced (for example, perceived similarity and physical beauty are two components that greatly boost one’s likability). More than that, I think it’s a great resource not only for anyone interested in marketing, but also for those that are simply looking for improving their personal relationships.

  • kbreuner

    Adam – That might have been the best comment in the history of the podcast.