#147: Roundtable – Do release dates matter anymore?

Do album release dates still matter?The recording industry has determined that Friday will be the new global record release day — but in a digital world of endless options and instant delivery, does it make sense for every artist to put out new music at the same time? In this episode, Kevin and Chris discuss how this change could affect independent musicians and music consumers. Plus, Tidal’s relaunch woes, Facebook boasting even more users, and publishing rights administration for UK artists.

  • Alien Skin

    Thanks guys, it was my first tune-in to the DIY Musician Podcast and surprisingly I found it an interesting discussion:) As indie artists most, if not all, of us here do identify with the issues and scenarios you addressed. Cheers from Australia. George

  • kbreuner

    George – Welcome to the podcast! I would highly recommend you checkout some of our older episodes, as I think you’ll really like them.