#151: Josh Collum – A micro sync success story

Josh Collum - Secrets in StereoMicro-sync licensing might sound like small peanuts, but indie musician Josh Collum has earned over $200,000 from online sync opportunities, Audio Swap, YouTube lyric videos, and other user-generate content. In this episode, Josh talks about how he quickly grew his micro-sync revenues from a few hundred dollars a year to tens of thousands every quarter.

The soundtrack video referenced in this podcast can be found HERE.

Want to see how people are using music in wedding videos? Watch THIS.

  • Ronnie

    Another great discussion.
    Q: I have my music with CD Baby, and I opted in to sync licensing. How do I manage meta data for those songs?

  • Radmila Neal

    Really enjoyed the interview….thank-you Josh Collum and CDBaby!

  • Thank you cdbaby and thank you Josh Collum for sharing such relevant and useful information. I’ve also been lucky enough to generate a nice income stream from network tv licensing and your podcast has inspired me to keep on keepin on and to dream even bigger.

  • kbreuner

    Excellent! Thanks for listening.

  • Pravda23

    bit confused by the completely unrelated nature of his official website though – no links to music, writing about relationships. dont mean to troll, am i missing something? where can i hear his stuff?

  • kbreuner

    I don’t think that’s his URL anymore. Most of his career focuses on running the Secrets in Stereo music through his Sorted Noise business. I have a feeling the URL lapsed and someone else snagged it. I’ll ask him though!

  • concertblast

    Excellent Interview!

  • Pravda23

    cool must be. well if you find links other than the twilight vid do send em along! high fives from south africa

  • Bryan Atkinson

    Hello, I am having trouble finding the Sordid Noise website or information about Sordid Noise online. Is it still going strong? Thanks

  • kbreuner

    Yes they are. Here is their website: http://www.sortednoise.com