#152: Roundtable – The Apple Music Review

Apple MusicHas the launch of Apple Music been a dazzling success or a dud? Will fans and artist actually use Apple Connect? In this episode, Kevin and Chris talk about Apple’s new music streaming service, what they got right, what they got wrong, and what effect any of this will have on musicians and music consumers.

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    as usual cutting edge stuff from you guys.

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  • Radmila Neal

    how about using my song ‘ a brave journey’….not hip-hop, not rock..but hey semi-classical, Beethoven may have liked it.

  • All independent musicians need to read this before signing up on Apple Music, Spotify or any streaming service: http://www.dailydot.com/opinion/apple-music-spotify-self-destruct/

  • The call around 47:50 minutes in really sums up how badly fucked up this is. So people are going to have a “problem” paying a massive $10/month, because they’re already “used to getting music for free”. I can see why you want people to sign up for this nonsense, because CD Baby will be obsolete as a physical CD/download store within a few years if we continue down this path.

  • Tom Hendricks

    The ultimate for indy artists may be a cloud jukebox. My suggestion is a co-op of artists that set up a cloud jukebox. Then the musicians post their music. When someone plays a song, they pay a penny. When they’ve accumulated 1,000, they get charged $10. OR they could choose a monthly fee for full access to all the songs – whichever the listener prefers. The money goes to the artists, (musicians, composers) with some covering the cost of administration. Get the over charging corporations out, and both customers, and musicians, get a better deal.

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    Great stuff guys, new listener but enjoying the content. Thanks for the great info.

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    I think it’s shaking out into two main groups. Music Consumers and Music Fans. Each group should be treated differently. They both have different needs. One wants to consume, the other will want to buy and support the artist. Activating both groups as much as possible is the key.