#155: Roundtable – The Official DIY Musician Conference Recap

DIY_Musician_ConHeads are abuzz and hearts are aglow after CD Baby’s first-ever DIY Musician Conference. What made this event so special? What were the key lessons learned over three jam-packed days of workshops, mentoring sessions, and panel discussions? Kevin and Chris talk about some highlights that are applicable to your music career. Plus, music news: the launch of YouTube Red, Apple Music’s subscription numbers, and Adele’s newest hit video.

  • Adam_B_Harris

    Bit hard for me to get there from Australia so thanks for the post mortem. Congratulations on what sounds like a job well done.

  • kbreuner

    Adam – It was great! Maybe I can convince the bosses that we need to do one in Australia. I’d take one for the team and make the trip!

  • Adam_B_Harris

    You could come over when you get leave instead of touring. There are various government run agencies here in the different states set up to promote local original music. They are forever shelling out bucks to the Ariel Hyatts and their ilk to speak for a couple of hours – and probably anybody else with a North American accent (or even Canadian because we don’t know the difference). You could probably even tour with a pick up band if you wanted to email copies of charts over.

  • Really sad I wasn’t able to go (making a priority to be there next year). Was very cool of you guys to put this together, sounds like y’all rocked it out!

    Kevin, you mentioned in an eariler podcast that there may be a chance that some pieces of the conference may be available online for a small fee. Is that still in the works? Would definitely love to check it out.

    And PS – Black Milk is the BOMB – saw him and the Nat Turner band live earlier this summer. What a great choice for the conference – again, sucks that I missed it.

    Thanks guys,

  • kbreuner

    We did video everything. We’re still going through all the video and hope to have it online soon.

  • Awesome – thanks Kevin! Hope you got some well-deserved rest 🙂

  • Mason Roberts

    You mentioned looking for a new podcast app – I love Beyond Pod. I do use an Android phone, so cannot vouch for iPhone’s version, but it’s great. There’s a one-time charge for all the features, which is absolutely worth it.

    Hope that helps! Thanks for all the music wisdom.

  • kbreuner

    Thanks! I’ll check it out.

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