#162: Becky Yee – Are your artist photos a barrier or gateway to your music?

The band photo episode!Like it or not, photography plays a huge part in how people HEAR your music. Yep, it’s true. Visuals are often the introduction to your artist story, and to the story of your music too. In this episode, talented commercial photographer Becky Yee tells us how to find a good photographer, set up a productive photo shoot, get the shots you need, or capture quality photos yourself — on the cheap. Say cheese!

You can find out more about Becky and here work HERE.

  • I miss Robert Lee King.

  • My way of thinking as of this moment when approaching any creative such as videographer, photographer, designer etc is that I need to see in their portfolio or examples the EXACT type of look, composition or vibe I’m going for. Just because someone shot a great video let’s say in black and white and in a cinematic style, doesn’t mean they’ll be able to shoot a video that I want to look like a retro 80’s pop video.

    It’s too much of a risk financially and emotionally to work with someone who may get you what you want. I rather work with someone who has proof that can get me what I want.

  • Johnny Aitken

    I ‘m self sufficiant.

  • Hi guys, truly useful and great episode. We can relate to EVERYTHING here. In the interview, Becky mentioned some handouts she distributed to her workshop at the DIY conference, relating to suggested photo sizes and formats most useful for band purposes. Are you able to share these with us?

  • kbreuner

    Glad you enjoyed the episode! I’ll see if I can track down Becky’s handout. I know we do have some similar info on the DIY Musician blog.

  • Thanks, Kevin!

  • Sherry-Lynn Lee

    Thanks to this podcast episode, we went into our photoshoot last night well prepared, enjoyed the shoot, and got some great looking photos. This episode helped us communicate our needs and vision to the photographer from the get go so everybody was on the same page when it came time to shoot. Thank you so much CDBaby & Becky Yee!

  • Andrew Naimou

    As someone who shot portraiture and weddings, it was infuriating every time the guest stated that it was not the photographers fault for not explaining their business model.

    The expectation in just about every business model in the world, excluding medical, is that the cost is clearly laid out to the customer in advance. Why on earth are photographers excluded from this?

    It’s dishonest to give only part of your price, especially when we are fully aware that someone may reasonable my believe that is the total cost.