#163: Justin Evans – How LANDR instant mastering works

justin-evans-LANDRAudio mastering is often the last, mysterious step in preparing a new song or album for mass consumption. That’s if you’re lucky. A lot of artists skip the mastering process for various reasons (time, budget, etc.), and the end results suffer. Now with the automated mastering service LANDR, you can instantly master a track, compare the results with your original mix, and — if you like it — pay a small fee to download the high-quality audio file. But how does it work? How does it stack up against an experienced mastering engineer? And what kinds of artists should be using LANDR? In this episode, LANDR co-founder and CEO Justin Evans talks with Kevin to answer all of these questions and more.

You can master a track right from your CD Baby member dashboard. Go HERE to sign in or create an account.

Want the full professional mastering experience? Check out The SoundLab HERE.

  • Ryan States

    I just tried it out. I can see how a lot of unsigned no-budget artists could benefit from this. I can’t make a final assessment until the previews are 320 mp3s or wavs. Otherwise it’s just not an equal comparison.

  • Ryan States

    Kevin, you talked about comparing Chris Robley’s mastered track to Landr. If Landr truly sounded as good or better then you should forward a couple of names I have to Robley. Especially for an artist who invests a lot of effort into getting great sounds.

  • kbreuner

    I’m pretty impressed with the quality. The comparison we did on Chris’ track was wav files. It would be hard for me to go that route on an album, but I think for singles its gold. Especially for people creating for other platforms first like YouTubers.

  • Ryan States

    Landr was kind enough to give me a free wav master so that I could make a fair comparison. I compared it to the top-flight mastering house. Of course there was a huge difference. But I also preferred my own client ref masters to Landr, where all I do is add a limiter to the mix. I think it will be very interesting to see how Landr develops in the future. For now it’s not for me. I didn’t know that artists were releasing music without mastering. I expect this would be a very convenient service for anyone who doesn’t use professional mastering.


    Landr? I luvvit. I mastered most of the tracks on my site via Landr. Thanx Justin. —-Q—-

  • Scott Asbell

    Just finished listening to every episode of the DIY Musician Podcast. When I found it the current episode was 164. So I listened to current ones as they came out and then started at 1 and worked my way up. Anyway, this was my last episode! Thanks so much Chris and Kevin and other Chris! Also, I just logged into my CDBaby account to test out the Landr service and I see that CD Baby no longer partners with them. What happened to that partnership? Is Landr still a suggested service or is SoundLab better. Thanks for the help and the podcast. I’m going to start relistening tomorrow!

  • kbreuner

    Scott – Congrats on getting through all the episodes! That was quite the journey.

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