#165: Are exclusive blog features worth it?

Chris Robley - KCRW Blog premierBlog premieres and exclusives have become a ubiquitous way of promoting new music, but are they WORTH it? Some blogs are putting an end to the practice on their own sites, and many musicians are starting to weigh the pros and the cons of exclusivity. In this episode, Chris and Kevin talk about a series of song and video premieres leading up to the release of Chris’ new album: the good, the bad, the flakey, the futile, and a couple big wins!

  • Skip Wild

    Most of the podcast focused in Chris’ new release and we didn’t get to hear a bit of it?

  • kbreuner

    Ha. Yes. Head on over to Apple Music or Spotify and give it a listen.

  • gillwire

    Album VS Single – I vote for albums, but only the ones that are great front to back and you don’t have fluff tracks you want to skip over. There’s hardly anything better than an album that has its own feel and vibe and when you’re in the right mood for it you just want to play the whole thing start to finish, one song just won’t cut it. Plus with the current interest in vinyl the album is kind of making a comeback. Are there any of us who don’t have fond nostalgic memories of a particular album that we listened to a lot at some point in our past, then every time we hear a song from that album it spawns a moment of vivid recollection? Your mind automatically starts into the next track because you know the song order so well, you can imagine the cover art and the place and time where you first heard it. – with the advent of shuffling digital music players I don’t know if the kids are experiencing the same these days though.

  • kbreuner

    You bring up some good points. Especially how the resurgence of vinyl is definitely reliant on the album format. I agree that an album allows an artist to create a distinct vibe and sound that can’t be done one song at a time.