#174: 12 Tips for a Better Band Website

ComputerYou don’t need to completely redesign your website to keep your fans engaged. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple tweaks. In this episode, Kevin and Chris discuss 12 tips that will help you get the most out of your current website — plus big streaming news (and a major discount on web hosting and distribution fees)!

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  • Tommunch

    Has anyone listed these tips out? Chris? Kevin? I’ve searched but can’t find them. If not I guess I’ll listen again and write the list out for myself.

  • Ben Meredith

    Thanks for the show guys!

    I have a quick question for you Kevin if you wouldn’t mind.. what would be your top one or two tips for someone who is just starting out as an artist’s personal manager?

    I have recently started managing simple tasks for my sisters newly formed duo and I love it! however I wanted your expert advice on the best way to learn what I actually need to know about the music biz, and if there were any sources of information you would recommend.. books, websites etc? (Apart from your great show of course ! )

    Thanks so much!


  • kbreuner

    Ben – I would recommend you check out this book – https://www.amazon.com/Need-Know-About-Music-Business/dp/1501104896/ref=pd_sbs_14_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=FBHZ9SNSMENHHQPRD19C

    It’s a great overview of the music business. Beyond that, I think if you;re just starting out with an artist, I would first tackle all the things that artists are typically bad at like getting the website up to speed and having current photo and bio ready to go. Basically putting together all the items you’ll need to “sell” them for opportunities.

  • Ben Meredith

    Thanks Kevin! I appreciate the help!

  • rkesecker

    12 tips for a better website

    need a pro web presence

    It is now a streaming world

    Facebook is not promoting pages unless you are paying


    putting all efforts into Facebook is a waste of time

    build a hub

    you control what fans see

    gateway to musical career

    1- Get rid of distractions

    kill autoplay

    on videos

    on music


    make sure they are functioning properly

    not constantly bothering your visitors

    after certain time they will not see it again

    set it so that it is not popping up for someone who is checking the site regularly

    look at website on phone, tablet, computer

    what looks good on one device may not look good on another

    2- Tell people what to do

    site easy to navigate

    think about someone who saw you play last night

    what are they seeing when they get to your website

    do they know what to do?

    is it obvious what things they can look for?

    whatever is important make that standout

    structure site on what is most important

    Call to action

    different times of year different things may be important


    album release

    3 – Make sure site is optimized for mobile

    go to all your pages check how they look and react




    when sending people links in email

    if checking on mobile might need to send them to a different page than home page because that page may look better on mobile

    send them to mobile optimize web page

    Hostbaby is mobile responsive

    does instagram feed

    can create entire video playlists on video optimized pages using Youtube

    can then capture email on your site not youtube

    keeps website looking vibrant with tools like this

    Host baby (signup $199 get free unlimited music distribution for 13 months)

    no annual fees

    4 – Ask for their email

    need to always be building an email list

    facebook and twitter may not be showing up for your fans at all

    most conversions when marketing will come from email

    make if obvious on how to join email list

    5- Simplify your navigation

    no need to have 20 pages on a band website

    no need for more that 8

    use subpages if related content

    don’t need an about page, a bio page and a picture page


    6 – Double check your contact info

    make your contacts something your are checking daily

    7 – Feature upcoming events

    show, video, premier

    not just in gig calendar

    maybe a banner that goes on top of website

    or a popup

    blog post

    8 – Share full length streaming tracks

    no one is stealing your music

    it is a streaming world

    a lot of way to feature your tracks

    can get if from Spotify


    the music player app from CDBaby

    put a player on your site

    link to places where people can get the rest of your catalog

    9 – Give something away

    mp3 download

    maybe something more enticing than MP3

    problems with file management for iPhone users

    pdf of tour diary

    could do exclusive video

    first access to tour tickets

    cool live tracks

    doesn’t have to be a download

    they enter the email address and they get access to a page they would have had access to

    exclusive tracks and content

    could be from recent gig

    exclusive is the key or they could get if off a streaming service

    10 – Upload photos of your fans

    having a good time at your show

    fans will share pictures than have themselves in them

    tells a story about you being a successful artist

    good for booking

    want to tell a story of the experience of the band

    managing perceptions

    use of Instagram integrated into website

    keeps things alive and fresh

    not a concert you played 3 years ago

    11 – Post a quick update on BlogMain Topic

    every week or two

    Instagram feed on website

    picture and a couple sentences

    shows that your are still alive

    books that inspired a song

    a story of artistic journey

    12 – Describe your music

    important for journalist and people who land on website

    on top of site

    could be twitter bio

    first sentence of press release

    lead line when contact club bookers

    1-2 sentences

    more than is is not interesting

    did this exercise at CD Baby conference