#176: Ari Herstand – 26 things to do before you release your song or album

Ari Herstand - CD Baby DIY Musician PodcastAre you really ready to release your new music? In the frenzied juggling act that leads up to the launch of a new song or album, it’s easy to miss some crucial things, or let them slip through the cracks because you’re over-eager, under-prepared, or just not properly informed. In this episode, DIY musician and musician advocate Ari Herstand gives you a step-by-step checklist so you’ll be sure that your new music has the best chance of succeeding when it meets the world.

Get Ari’s new book here: http://smarturl.it/aribook

  • rdMark

    Am I the only one that finds Kevin to be too quiet and Ari is blasting through the speakers in this episode? Very hard to listen to.

  • Excellent advice all round. It was gratifying hearing how many of the items on Ari’s checklist we’d already been through and a few “aha” moments in there for the stuff we hadn’t thought of. Thanks for this (all the way from Cape Town!)

  • kbreuner

    I was actually worried about the opposite. The audio for Ari was not great, so I had to make adjustments. Still felt pretty level to me.

  • rdMark

    I apologize if I’m sounding like a complete d*ck……it’s definitely not level. I even opened it in Audacity to see if I’m crazy. Very obvious visual and audible differences…partly because Ari’s audio is extremely mid-range spiked while your’s is lower-pitched.

    Just my opinion, but…shouldn’t a podcast about audio have good audio? (honestly, I’m aiming at constructive criticism here…doesn’t always come across well in online comments… 🙁 )


  • StevenCravisMusic

    It sounds like Ari’s voice is a combination of very compressed, after his original mic picked up a lot of room ambience/noise in contrast with Kevin’s mic which is very clear with no room ambience and not much compression. Great podcast though!

  • StevenCravisMusic

    Ari Herstand, I can’t wait to read your book!

  • StevenCravisMusic

    Soundexchange clarification: Specifically for ‘non-interactive’ online radio sound recording payments to artist & label.
    The starting site is http://www.soundexchange.com , the online portal is https://sxdirect.soundexchange.com Checking ISRCs without any log in is at http://isrc.soundexchange.com And yes, regarding the solo piano music, if you think about it, tons of offices (like dental, doctors, etc..) like to play gentle instrumental music, so there’s a huge weekday spin count.

  • kbreuner

    I’ll fix the mp3 file when I’m back from Christmas break. I don’t have the hard drive with me at the moment. In all fairness though, our podcast is not about “good audio.” That would be a podcast about recording which I think it’s obvious I’m not qualified to host 😉

  • MB Francis

    Is there anyway to still get the PDF ebook with the list?

  • Andy

    Hi guys, enjoyed the podcast – who’s person you namecheck for a ‘guide to Soundcloud’, may be my amp-induced deafness but I can’t quite tell – I think it sounded like ‘Buddy [Surname here]’ but can’t find them through googling and wanted to check it out? Thanks!

  • Christopher Carter

    anyway to get the check list mentioned?

  • kbreuner

    I thought he mentioned how at the end of the show. I know it’s in his new book.