#181: How to get your music on Spotify playlists, Pt 2

The first step in establishing a playlisting presence on Spotify is to create your own playlists, seed them with your own music, and attract followers. But what works? What’s a waste of time? How do you get Spotify to take notice? In this episode, Kevin and Chris talk about their own recent playlisting experiences and share some best-practices and common mistakes.

Hear Pt 1 of this podcast HERE.


  • Alien Skin

    excellent discussion guys, thanks for the ideas!

  • Thanks for the second podcast folks. Just a question about having several different artist names. Do you think it’s worth perhaps posting one’s other related works as playlists on Spotify Artist Account? Or will that be too cluttered? Thanks!

    Good work on the Coffee Shop Vibes playlists too!

  • kbreuner

    If you’re talking about making an playlist on your artist account that features tracks from your other projects that are under another name , I think that works. I would do one playlist that is a catchall for all the different projects.

  • Liz Cleveland

    What’s Chris’ twitter? I got you Kevin!

  • kbreuner


  • Liz Cleveland


  • Kirk Lewis

    What is the incentive for the playlist owner to do what they’re doing? The benefits for artists are clear but not from the other side. Maybe you could interview one of the playlist owners? Thx!

  • kbreuner

    Here are some motivations behind playlist creation:
    -For brands and content owners, they are trying to build audiences so they can feature their own content to those playlists.
    -Some playlist get popular just because they are good playlists with titles that are easily found by search. So they might get big even though the user wasn’t trying to make a popular playlist.
    -There are individuals that are trying to build themselves up as a tastemaker, so the playlist is a way to show that off. For example, a music journalist might not make money from having popular playlists, but it adds credibility to their writing about music.

    I’m sure there are more reasons than that, but those are fe w that come to mind.