#182: 60 ideas in 60 minutes

Recorded live at the 2016 DIY Musician Conference with Tony van Veen, Karen Marie Mason, Bob Baker, Martin Atkins, Chris Robley and Mark Hornsby. A solid hour of 60 quick tips on marketing, social media, songwriting, recording, distribution, PR, and artist management, jammed into a single, high-impact hour, presented by experts with decades of experience. Better get a pen and paper ready, these tips fly by fast!

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  • What was the link that was mentioned to submit playlists from gigs to BMI? It was a visual not included in the audio podcast. Thanks!

  • “treat fans as customers” is my favorite tip from this episode.

    some artists love the ‘god complex’ that comes from people who genuinely admire their talents, ideas, etc, but in the beginning, you’re just a court jester; you’re background music at the local open mic.

    when you focus on adding value, however…

    1. creating an unforgettable friday night for a group of friends (playing show)
    2. cheering up someone after a bad day (writing a song for the drive home)
    3. empowering someone to be a tastemaker in their own circles (designing limited edition merch)

    …a lot of interesting things happen. the fans will come.

    ryan kulp

  • brilliant episode, one of the best. just the juice!!