#189: Cathy Heller – Turning musical inspiration into focused action

Kevin last spoke to Cathy on Episode #169 of the podcast where she detailed the opportunities in the world of sync licensing for independent artists. That episode garnered a lot of positive feedback with the top question being, “How do I turn that inspiration into action?” In this episode, Cathy details much of her processes that help keep her focused on the road to success. You can find Cathy’s previous interview HERE.
Sign up for Cathy’s new online course HERE.
  • Great ep!

    Having Cathy at the DIY conference would be HUGE.
    I’m still little fuzzy on the mechanics of making my music easy to clear, but I get how that makes for uninteresting podcasting.

    It’s not that I couldn’t figure it out, just when I start reading/looking into that kind of info my artist brain just shuts down. I read the words with no comprehension. This happen to anyone else? Your eyes glaze over and your just done.

  • kbreuner

    Unfortunately, she can’t make it this year. Hopefully, she’ll be able to make 2018!

  • Julian Sanza Prieto

    Great show Kevin and Cathy , thanks from Colombia

  • Will Tom Jackson be there this year?

  • Alec

    Really enjoyed the show and was trying to sign-up for the course but it says it’s unavailable…

  • Jon Sarta

    Hi, she mentioned a discount code on the podcast to take the course, but any form of CD baby in the coupon box does not work. Any ideas?

  • Awesome. I think I will have to look into the licensing because the other avenue streams can’t support the costs we are incurring..thx!

  • MB Francis

    Just listened to this – I thought this was great, like her last interview, but she said two contradictory things that she never reconciled: first she said (basically), “you’re never going to be perfect, you’re never going to be ‘ready,’ start today,” then at the end she said, “your stuff has to be amazing before you send it to a supervisor, you have *one shot*, so when you finally get through, your stuff has to be great.”
    In other words, you’ll never be ready, put yourself out there, but be “ready” before you submit it. In that contradiction lies oceans and oceans of creative paralysis and crushing self-doubt.

  • Kate McLaughlin

    Making your music easy to clear means you control the copyright or the authority to ok a synch license if you have a co-write. More info here: https://nancyprager.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/how-to-clear-a-song-june-20111.pdf

  • Amedeaus

    Grasshopper, When you understand the truth in the contradiction you will know how to succeed. Knowing how doesn’t do anything though. Only actions effect the real world. Gain success through failure. Be perfectly flawed. Produce, target, present, repeat. Action overcomes paralysis and self-doubt is only a thought. You can choose a different thought.