#194: Why you never need to tour…EVER! (A Live Podcast)

“How can I build a successful career without going on tour?” That’s one question we get asked a lot on the DIY Musician Podcast. Whether your travels are limited by a job, a family, or a disdain for sharing a van with stinky bandmates for weeks on end, in this episode, taped in front of a live audience at CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference 2017, Kevin and Chris run down a list of ways to connect with audiences without ever leaving your home(town).

  • The Wooden

    So great to find this website, I’ve been listening for a while on youtube but didn’t realise their was a whole website devoted to this podcast and a whole community of people talking about this information. Great resource guys.

    Kevin you mentioned you did a Twitter listening party, for Smalltown Poets, with Trivia links etc, I was wondering if could elaborate on this idea or any spinoff ideas from this style of campaign you may have thought of, and maybe in hindsight if you have thought of anything you could have done better with your approach if you were to do this again. Dave, The Wooden (Australia)

  • Mandela effect: Anybody remember The Gerry Rafferty Tour?

  • @28:00 – The dark side of Ascap?

  • Perry LaHaie

    One hour twelve minutes! Yikes!

  • kbreuner

    One hour and twelve minutes of goodness!

  • kbreuner

    Many of them do. The label considers it a marketing expense. The artists are probably getting paid every night, but a lot of times they are not left with extra cash when everything is done.