#195: Our 5 takeaways from the 2017 DIY Musician Con

“I feel like I got $1000+ worth of information at the DIY Musician Conference,” said guitarist Lance Allen. If you weren’t with us in Nashville, we can’t give you a time machine, but we CAN share some takeaways, tips, and highlights. In this episode, Kevin and Chris recap their 2017 conference experience and also answer listener questions.
  • Thanks for this guys 🙂 I enjoyed listening to your recap of the conference.

    @Chris – because you made a note of it in the podcast, I wanted to respond with my take on using video in vertical or horizontal mode 😉 I think every medium; Facebook, IG, YT etc, should be approached differently. As they say “content is king, context is queen.” So I find the argument that a video has to be vertical, because that’s what works better on YouTube, is totally fine, if you are making that video for YouTube. But if you are doing Facebook live, then think about what is best for Facebook and the Facebook Live (+ video legacy). I don’t think one should make an individual video with the intention of using it across all social media forms because you fail to maximise your success on the individual platform when you don’t act specific to that platform.

    So taking FB into account, I think one should consider what their intention is and decide – vertical or horizontal – based upon how they wish to express themselves. You mentioned your band 😉 Sure, if you’re doing FB live with a band I could imagine that fitting the whole crew into a vertical video, is a little crazy and wouldn’t work. But, if you’re an individual using it, then I think vertical should be considered. Why? First, vertical (this goes for photos as well as videos), takes up more real-estate on the Facebook page. That means, your fans are going to be exposed to your vertical video longer than your horizontal one from an attention grabbing point when they scroll down their newsfeed – and, we’re living in the attention economy, so let’s max out the chance to grab them when we can! Second, your choice of video alignment should be based on your intention. Want to stream a rad live performance of your band on FB? Go horizontal! Want to do a hangout with your fans as an individual, bringing them more deeply into your world and create a strong sense of connection with them, go vertical.

    I’m a pretty avid Facebook live user, as well as YouTube Indie Music vlogger (using both weekly for the last 2 years) so this opinion is based upon my own trials and errors with the two mediums, as well as the feedback I’ve got over time from my supporters. But, feel free to tell me if you disagree 😉