#207: 5 ways to ruin a press opportunity

As musicians, we work hard to get press coverage. But when the moment arrives, we sometimes squander the opportunity, or worse, let it go completely off the rails. In this episode, Kevin and Chris discuss five surefire ways to ruin a press opportunity or interview. Oh, and how NOT to ruin your moment in the spotlight too!


  • Interesting discussion, guys. Thanks. And speaking of thanks, is ThankYouPro the name of the app you mentioned?

  • White Lioness

    Found this super helpful! Thank you for sharing!

  • Jan Seides

    Wondering about the card-sending app. Can you post the name, please?

  • Brian Person

    Hey Guys, Thanks for taking my call. I appreciate your responses and enjoyed the “Taxes for USA-based musicians: how to file, when to claim income, and what expenses to deduct” follow-up. Very helpful. Keep up the great work!

  • kbreuner

    The app name is Felt. There are several options though. That one works pretty well.