#212: Promoting a new release – What we tried!

There are a million ways to promote a new release. In this episode, Kevin and Chris discuss some of the things they’ve tried with their new music to reach listeners and amplify that interaction — from proven promo strategies to untapped press opportunities. Also, lots of listener calls and questions.

Hear Smalltown Poets’ new album here: https://smalltown-poets.lnk.to/6KpRmWE

Hear Chris Robley’s latest single here: https://chrisrobley.lnk.to/letyougo


  • Charlie Phillips

    Hey Kevin! When you and Chris were referencing Spotify Presave via Show.co, did you run a Show.co Social Unlock campaign or something else? Thanks, love the podcast!

  • kbreuner

    Yes, the Spotify campaigns are under “Social Unlock” inside Show.co.

  • Charlie Phillips

    Thank you!

  • What Chris said about how distracting it can be to watch a video on YouTube is a very relevant discussion by itself. That’s why I believe it’s worth to check out a plugin called DF YouTube, which (among other things) allows you to omit the video recommendations sidebar, disable playlists, and even hide the comments.

    Regarding the suggestion given by one of the listeners about not allowing front row attendees to use cellphones at shows, although I admire every effort to offer a more engaging experience to everyone, it doesn’t seem like a sound solution to punish those who paid the most to go to a concert. If anything, they’re supposed to be the ones with more access and privileges, not less.

    On the other hand, I really liked his second alternative: having a particular moment when the artist himself allows the fans to do whatever they want with their cell phones. After that, it’s back to business as usual.

    p.s.: “first to be second” – what a great insight!

  • MCL

    I’m on Spotify M.C.L-Christian Lombardi Canadas BEST!@ ALL!!!

  • Dave Crimaldi

    I love the podcast! My friend just got back from your conference in Nashville! I am a music blogger amongst many other hats like photographer, drummer, podcaster and know what you mean about not underestimating local press. A good entertaining article or content about your band means something no matter where it comes from. If written authentically from an enthusiastic fan perspective that’s even better sometimes because a lot of times the blogger doesn’t even have sponsors. ROCK ON.