#004 : Dan Zanes – Make Friend’s with CD Baby’s Top Selling Artist

CD Baby’s top selling artist, singer/songwriter Dan Zanes, has been making music for over two decades. The former member of the 80’s group, The Del Fuegos, stumbled into his biggest musical accomplishment to date, creating a brand of kid’s music that is enjoyable for the whole family. His albums and performances are more than just…

#003 : Alicia Rose – The woman behind the curtain

Club bookers can be an elusive bunch, but they stand between you and your next gig. Who is Alicia Rose? She books the musical talent at one of Portland’s hottest clubs, the Doug Fir Lounge. Both nationally touring acts and local bands alike, covet the chance to take the stage at the Doug Fir. So…

#002 : Lisa Lepine – Moving your music forward!

Music promotion. Everyone from the first time songwriter, to the seasoned pro ponders the question of promoting his or her musical career. There are books, 10 step programs, and even charts and graphs that claim to have solved these weighty issues for us. All we need to do is shell out a few bucks, do the steps and be on our way to success. If only it were that simple! Is it possible that these methods and programs have been trying to attack the music promotion question from the wrong angle? That’s where Lisa Lepine comes in.

#001 : An Introduction & We Make Mistakes!

Welcome to the maiden voyage of the DIY Music Podcast! Lear about the music business from indie musicians who work at CD BABY and give advice to Indie artists 40hours a week. This is the first episode, but be sure to subscribe in your itunes player or podcatcher so you can keep up with their adventures.